The South Australian technology powerhouse have again given the Australian auto tech industry a shakeup with the launch of their next generation Smart Start 25A BCDC in-vehicle battery charger.

The new unit features Green Power Priority, which means it will charge from solar and alternator simultaneously, while giving priority to solar if available.

Additionally, this charger has a lithium battery charging profile built in, which means that users who want to upgrade to lithium batteries down the track won’t need to upgrade their charger again.

The freshly unveiled battery chargers are designed, built and tested here in Australia at REDARC’s South Oz headquarters and are designed to perform at their best across all Australian conditions.

The unit is due to reset the industry standard for DC to DC battery chargers, and is currently the most advanced product on the market. The one unit can now be used with both standard and smart alternators and will work with both 12V and 24V systems.

REDARC boss Anthony Kittel explains it best – Charging auxiliary batteries from either solar or a vehicle alternator has never been easier.

The 25 Amp BCDC now has separate vehicle DC and solar inputs, simplifying installation, while inbuilt green power priority prioritizes solar charging.

Keep an eye out for our long-term review of the new BCDC charger over the next few issues.

Head online to REDARC’s site for further product details and to check out their full range.

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