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The southern region of the Northern Territory may appear to hold treasures of nil, with exception of a single giant rock in the middle of a flat, red plain. How wrong they are!

We have lived in the southern region of Northern Territory for the past four years (inclusive of nine months intensive Territory travel) and we still have places yet to uncover in the Alice Springs region alone.


Located along the Hay River Track in the Territory’s southeast is Batton Hill Campground. To travel the Hay River Track, you need a permit. Oddly, a condition of the permit is that you must stay at Batton Hill which is a privately run campground.

To be frank, initially this sneaky tactic angered me but we decided to respect the rules of those who owned the land and permitted our travel through it and just accepted it for what it was

What a blessing! We extended our stay at Batton Hill, hungry for more. Traditional owner Mr. Bookie opened the region to tourism by forming the Hay River Track in partnership with Jol Flemming. After the recent passing of Mr. Bookie, daughter Tanya and her partner James have taken over the operations of the campground and are doing a first rate job.

Arriving at Batton Hill, you’re likely to have experienced numerous days in the Simpson Desert in a strangely beautiful world of minimalism and necessities.

Batton Hill surely deserves its sky-filled star rating. This is the place to enjoy beautifully-hot donkey fed water showers, flushing toilets, shade structures, wood fired pizza ovens, long fire-pits with large piles of wood awaiting your arrival. Then it’s time to soak in nature with the short return walk to Batton Hill.

A tour will have you following James and Tanya along arterial tracks through their country. Visiting Goyder’s Pillar and its sights will definitely give even the driest and most jaded of eyes something to get misty over.

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