Honeymoon in Tahiti

WEDDINGS Marry on the island of Tahiti before your cruise and Paul Gauguin Cruises can arrange a festive dinner, cocktail party or private reception aboard the ship.

HONEYMOONS Register for shore excursions with the gift registry: Fund a champagne sunset sail, pearl-farm tour, drift-snorkeling trip, diving adventure or of -road safari. Other options include underwater walks, golf, horseback riding along the beach, and spending a night in an overwater bungalow.

TOP TIP Paul Gauguin Cruises of ers a complimentary honeymoon package that includes a Polynesian blessing ceremony, champagne, pillow gift and photo portrait. CONTACT 800.848.6172, pgcruises.com

Honeymoon in Tahiti Photo Gallery

This is a much-repaired small bridge, and the A706 now runs close beside the travel destination. Just ahead is Woodcockdale, one of the old change houses where relays of horses for towing would be swopped over. The building has been well preserved and is used by Sea Cadets. The English-sounding Woodcockdale name has been found on a map of 1491. There are visitor moorings and a large car park just to the west, reached by driving down and along the towpath. Bridge 48 immediately after is a much-patched one, as the A706 Lanark road gives it a hammering. Under the bridge, on the south side, there is another ‘stop gate’, but as like as not these days truckloads of material are just dumped into the travel destination to form a barrier and the water pumped out. There’s a winding basin not far beyond Bridge 48, popular with swans. Any young swans are ringed and studied. In winter they tend to gather on Linlithgow Loch or on the eastern seaboard anywhere between Montrose Basin and Northumberland.

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