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Best place in Vienna : The Palm House in the Schonbrunn Park

The architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach designed the baroque complex for the Emperor Leopold I. The various wings of the castle contain more than 1,400 rooms, many of which have been maintained in their original condition, mostly in Rococo style with wall ornamentation in gold leaf.

The Palace Theater where Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once performed is located in one of the side wings of the castle. This is where Mozart lost a contest for composers to his perpetual rival Antonio Salieri.

Right next to the castle is the Carriage Museum, one of the further imperial attractions of Vienna. The most beautiful pieces from the former fleet of the Viennese court are today displayed on its parquet floors. With more than 100 coaches, sleds, litter vehicles, sedan chairs and all the corresponding harnesses and riding equipment, the Carriage Museum attests not only to daily joys and imperial coronations and weddings, but also to the assassinations and last valedictory rides of the imperial family.

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Behind the castle is the Schonbrunn Park. The ample sculptured park design from the time of Maria Theresa has mostly been maintained in its original Baroque style.

Let’s now start our Schonbrunn tour with the castle building, the summer residence of the Habsburg emperors and empresses .

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