Damariscotta Lake

Key Species: brown trout, lake trout, landlocked salmon, smallmouth bass, white perch, pickerel Best Way to Fish: boat, canoe, bank Best Time to Fish: May through September MAG:... Read more

Fishing: Pickerel

Pickerel, Esox niger, are widespread in Maine’s warmwater ponds, lakes, and streams. These members of the pike family are splashy fighters and are easily taken on artificial lures,... Read more

Rockland Breakwater

Key Species: mackerel, striped bass, bluefish, cunner Best Way to Fish: shore Best Time to Fish: June through September MAG: 14, E-4 Description: The Rockland Breakwater is a... Read more

Fishing: Other Species

Maine waters contain various species of game fish and panfish that are either limited in distribution, or are not popular with large numbers of anglers. Nevertheless, these less-popular... Read more

Fishing: Northern Pike

Northern pike, Esox lucius, exist in Maine through unsanctioned introduction. When pike began showing up in the Belgrade Lakes region, anglers worried that these efficient predators would raise... Read more

Fishing: White Perch

White perch, Morone americana, are everybody’s fish. These scrappy panfish are closely related to striped bass and bear no relation to the perch family except in name. White... Read more

Fishing: Yellow Perch

Although yellow perch are the basis of a huge sport fishery in the midwest, most Maine anglers ignore these tasty panfish. Many lakes in southern and central Maine... Read more

Portland Shoreline

Key Species: bluefish, striped bass Best Way to Fish: bridge Best Time to Fish: July through September MAG: 5, E-4 Description: Several bridges, as well as the shoreline... Read more

Respect Rising Water

Many Maine rivers and streams are subject to sudden rises in water levels. Hydroelectric dams release water at regular intervals. Whitewater rafters rely upon these releases so they... Read more

Fish Water Safety

Maine is a safe and friendly place in which to enjoy the outdoors. Most accidents occur because people fail to observe basic rules of safety. Anglers using boats... Read more

Fishing Regulations

Maine publishes two sets of fishing regulations, one for open water and one for ice fishing. No one should fish any body of water in Maine without consulting... Read more