FERRARA Rome has its mopeds, Venice its boats, and Ferrara (pop. 135,000) has its bicycles. Old folks, young folks, and babies perched precariously on handlebars whirl through Ferrara’s... Read more

Visit to Venice

Visit to Venice THEATER, CINEMA, AND ART EXHIBITIONS Teatro Goldoni, Calle del Teatro, S. Marco 4650B (041 240 20 11; teatrogold-ini@libero.it), near the Ponte di Rialto, showcases varying... Read more


NORTHERN IRELAND Despite its best efforts to present an image of reconciliation and progress in recent years, Northern Ireland still often finds itself associated with the specter of... Read more

Traveling in Rome

Traveling in Rome BORGO AND PRATI (NEAR THE VATICAN CITY) Establishments near the Vatican serve mediocre sandwiches at hiked-up prices, but just a few blocks northeast, food is... Read more


BASEL (BALE) Situated on the Rhine near France and Germany, Basel is home to a large medieval quarter as well as one of the oldest universities in Switzerland... Read more

Traveling in Florence

Traveling in Florence Historically disdained by downtown Florentines, the far side of the Amo remains a lively and unpretentious quarter, even in high season. PALAZZO PITTI. Luca Pitti,... Read more


MALLORCA A favorite of Spain’s royal family, Mallorca has been popular with the in-crowd since Roman times. Lemon groves and olive trees adorn the jagged cliffs of the... Read more


KILKENNY Ireland’s best-preserved medieval town, Kilkenny (pop. 25,000) is also a center of great nightlife; nine churches share the streets with 80 pubs. Tynan Walking Tours provide the... Read more


LEON Formerly the center of Christian Spain, today Leon (pop. 145,000) is best known for its 13th-century Gothic licathedral, arguably the most beautiful in Spain. Its spectacular stained-glass... Read more


TUSCANY (TOSCANA) The vision of Tuscany has inspired countless artists, poets, and hordes of tourists. Its rolling hills, prodigious olive groves, and cobblestone streets beg visitors to slow... Read more


CASHEL Cashel sits at the foot of the 90m SRock of Cashel (ak.a. St. Patrick’s Rock), a huge limestone outcropping topped by medieval buildings. (Open Mar.-Sept. daily 9:30am-5:30pm;... Read more

Travel to Galway

Travel to Galway B&BS St. Martin’s, 2 Nun’s Island Rd. (568 286), at the end of the O’Brien Bridge. Located near Galway’s best pubs, St. Martin’s also has... Read more

Spain Map Tourist Attractions

Spain Map Tourist Attractions EMERGENCY Emergency: 112. Local Police: 3092. National Police: s091. Ambulance: s 124. TOURIST OFFICES. The Spanish Tourist Office operates an extensive official website (www.tourspain.es)... Read more

Amsterdam Map Tourist Attractions

Amsterdam Map Tourist Attractions SHIPPING QUARTER, CANAL RING WEST, AND THE JORDAAN Harlem: Drinks and Soulfood, Haarlemmerstr. 77 (330 14 98). High-class fusion cuisine blends American-style soul food... Read more