Costa Rica Map

LOCAL FLAVORS Æ To invigorate your guests, give welcome bags packed with Costa Rican goodies like green cof ee soaked in coconut water from Café Verde and organic... Read more

Cambodia Map

The vibe Æ Everything Thailand has — beautiful beaches, ancient temples, exotic food — Cambodia has, too, without the throngs of tourists (yet). Emerging from its shadowed past,... Read more


SOUTHWEST IRELAND With a dramatic landscape that ranges from lakes and mountains to stark, ocean- battered cliffs, Southwest Ireland is a land rich in storytellers and history-makers. Outlaws... Read more

Dublin Map

Dublin Map ACCOMMODATIONS Reserve accommodations at least a week in advance, especially during Easter, other holidays, and the summer. Hostel dorms range from € 10-24 per night. Quality... Read more


MANTUA (MANTOVA) Grand Cafe Fashion, C. Porta Ticinese, near V. Vetere. A barrestaurantdance club with a stunningly beautiful crowd and velour leopard-print couches. €7.80 cover includes 1 drink.... Read more

Venice Vacations

Venice Vacations AROUND THE PONTE RIALTO THE GRAND CANAL. The Grand Canal is Venice’s “main street.” Over 3km long and nearly 50m wide, it loops through the city... Read more


DELFT The lillied canals and stone footbridges that still line the streets of Delft (pop.95,000) offer the same images that native Johannes Vermeer immortalized in paint over 300... Read more


LUCERNE (LUZERN) Lucerne (pop. 60,000) is the Swiss traveler’s dream come true. The old city is engaging, the lake is placid, and sunrise over the famous Mt. Pilatus... Read more


URBINO With picturesque stone dwellings scattered along steep city streets and a tur-reted palace ornamenting its skyline, Urbino (pop. 15,000) encompasses all that is classic Italy. The city’s... Read more

Italy Map

Italy Map TRANSPORTATION BY PLANE. Rome’s international airport, known as both Fiumicino and Leonardo da Vinci, is served by most major airlines. You can also fly into Milan’s... Read more


TURIN (TORINO) Turin’s (pop. 860,000) elegance is the direct result of centuries of urban planning graceful, church-lined avenues lead to spacious piazze. At the same time, Turin vibrates... Read more


BALEARIC ISLANDS Every year, discos, ancient history, and beaches especially beaches draw nearly two million of the hippest Europeans to the Islas Baleares. TRANSPORTATION Flights are the easiest... Read more


PORTO Porto (pop. 264,200) is famous for its namesake product a strong, sugary wine. Developed by English merchants in the early 18th century, the port industry is at... Read more


ENNIS AND DOOLIN Kitchen open during pub hours.) Furze Bush Cafe Bistro 0, on the corner of Catherine St. and Glentworth St. offers delicious crepes (€11.50) and gourmet... Read more