AMALFI COAST Tucked between the jagged rocks of the Sorrentine peninsula and the azure waters of the Adriatic, the Amalfi Coast has many alluring aspects. Its lush lemon... Read more


Liechtenstein Liechtenstein’s miniscule size and minute population (33,000) belies its long and rich history. The Romans invaded in 15 BC, but with the coming of Christianity in the... Read more


TROGIR In Trogir (pop. 1,500), made up of tiny Trogir Island and Ciovo Island, medieval buildings crowd into winding streets and palmed promenades open onto well-maintained parks and... Read more

Travel to Madrid

Travel to Madrid PRACTICAL INFORMATION TOURIST AND FINANCIAL SERVICES Tourist Offices: Municipal, Plaza Mayor 3 (fax 913 66 54 77), will be expanding and relocating to a location... Read more

Rome Map

Rome Map BORGO AND PRATI (NEAR THE VATICAN CITY) While not the cheapest in Rome, the pensioni near the Vatican have all of the sobriety and quiet that... Read more

Travel to Naples

Travel to Naples HILLTOP Pensione Margherita, V. Cimarosa 29, 5th fl. (081 578 2852; fax 556 7044), in the same building as the Centrale funicular station (go outside... Read more


MARGIT ISLAND Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do in this gorgeous oasis north of Budapest. Catch the #26 or 26A bus in Pest at Nyugati pu. and... Read more


VAL D’ARAN Some of the Catalan Pyrenees’ most dazzling peaks cluster around Val d’Aran, in the northwest comer of Catalufia. The Val d’Aran is best known for its... Read more


THE BURREN Limestone, butterflies, ruined castles, and labyrinthine caves make the Burren, which covers 260 sq. km, a unique geological experience. HiBurren Exposure, between Kinvara and Ballyvaughn on... Read more

Travel to Luxembourg

Travel to Luxembourg ACCOMMODATIONS AND CAMPING ACCOMMODATIONS under €12 [ €12-16 €17-30 €31-40 over €40 Luxembourg’s 12 HI youth hostels (Auberges de Jeunesse) are often filled with school... Read more


THE DOLOMITES (DOLOMITI) With their sunny skies and powdery, light snow, the Dolomites offer immensely popular downhill skiing. These amazing peaks, which Le Courbusier once called “the most... Read more

Travel to Florence

Travel to Florence ACCOMMODATIONS Lodgings in Florence generally don’t come cheap. Consorzio ITA, in the train station by track #16, can find rooms for a €2.50-7.75 fee. (055... Read more

Amsterdam Travel

Amsterdam Travel ENTERTAINMENT The Amsterdams Ult Buro (AUB), Leidsepl. 26, is stuffed with fliers, pamphlets, and guides to help you sift through current events; pick up the free... Read more

Traveling in Amsterdam

Traveling in Amsterdam SMART SHOPS Smart shops, which peddle a variety of “herbal enhancers” and hallucinogens that walk the line between soft and hard drugs are also legal.... Read more