Map of Iowa

Mexican Nationals and Latinos: 1940s-1950s The Latino experience in Iowa during 1940s included demographic growth, community building, and strong support for the Allied war effort when the United... Read more

Map of Kentucky

Kentucky notable latinos Cardenal, Ernesto (1925-). The Nicaraguan priest and poet spent some of his formative years at a Kentucky monastery. After supporting a failed revolt against dictator... Read more

Iowa Subway Map

Latino Migration to Iowa: 1900-1920s The movement and development of the Latino population in Iowa is primarily a Mexican affair until the late twentieth century. Several factors contributed... Read more

Louisiana Map

NOTABLE LATINOS Farragut, David G. (1801-1870). Union admiral of Spanish ancestry who led the USS Hartford past the Chalmette batteries and took the port city of New Orleans... Read more

Iowa Map

Chicanos in Iowa and a Pan-Latino Community: 1960s-1970s According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by the end of the 1960s the Iowa Latino population had grown to over... Read more

Map of Kansas

Community Organization The Latino community of Kansas faced substantial discrimination in the early part of the century. They were segregated by residence and within many public facilities such... Read more

Kansas Subway Map

The Period of Railroads Europe and the United States had a voracious appetite for the products from Kansas’s plains. The acquisition of Kansas’s goods and their movement to... Read more

Idaho Subway Map

Cultural contributions Starting in 2000, as more and more migrants of Mexican heritage found permanent work in Idaho, community activities such as parades, fiestas, and dances that expressed... Read more

Map of Hawaii

CULTURAL CONTRIBUTIONS As a result of the pervasive and ubiquitous ethnic diversity in the state of Hawaii, it would be difficult to affirm that there exists a distinct... Read more

Illinois Subway Map

Latino growth in Illinois and around the country has been met with feelings ranging from apathy to abhorrence. Discussions of economic matters usually evolve into a debate about... Read more

Kentucky Metro Map

Kentucky historical overview Esteban Rodriguez Miro is not a household name in Kentucky, but if that Spanish governor of New Orleans’s plans had succeeded, Kentucky might have seceded... Read more

Illinois Map

Despite the gradual increase in numbers of Latinos in higher education, in Illinois there is a disparity in representation of Latino faculty and staff. In 2002 the Illinois... Read more

Idaho Map

Railroad and Farm Laborers In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Mexican American pioneer families such as the Urquides, Fontes, Ortiz, Amera, Valdez, Galindo, Ocampo, Ursino, Escaso,... Read more

Map of Delaware

Delaware BIBLIOGRAPHY Borland, Katherine. Creating Community: Hispanic Migration to Rural Delaware. Wilmington, DE: Delaware Heritage Press, 2001. Caldwell, Christopher. âœHola, Delaware! How Guatemalan Immigrants Changed a Small American... Read more