Tennessee Map

  Changing Social Relations in Tennessee Although Latinos have much in common with generations of rural Tennesseans who migrated to midwestern and northeastern cities, Latinos are often perceived... Read more

Oregon Map

Immigration, Reform Act, and the Settling of the Third and Fourth Generations of Latinos in Oregon By the 1980s the Latino population in Oregon included a significant number... Read more

Ohio Metro Map

“” During the 1990s, Spanish-speaking individuals constituted the fastest-growing portion of America’s migrant population. Though the Latino population in Ohio did not grow as rapidly as those in... Read more

New York Map

New York The Latino Entrepreneurial Spirit From the start, Latinos in New York have contributed to the economy mostly as laborers and semiskilled workers, though a small sector... Read more

Philadelphia Metro Map

Philadelphia HISTORICAL OVERVIEW The history of Pennsylvania’s contact with Latin America begins in Philadelphia, the port city that had strong commercial ties with Cuba dating back at least... Read more

New Mexico Map

New Mexico CULTURAL CONTRIBUTIONS Religion and Religious Art Catholicism was brought to New Mexico by Spanish Franciscan missionaries whose presence and dominance in New Mexico would place a... Read more

Nebraska Subway Map

  Nebraska Spanish Presence Around the 1530s, Spanish explorer Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca reported seeing bison and bison hides. Historians believe this shipwrecked explorer reached the outer... Read more