Mississippi Map

Mississippi Isolated Migrations in the 1970s-1980s Mechanical cotton pickers notwithstanding, there was still much low-wage labor to be performed in Mississippi this time, in more industrialized sectors, such... Read more

Kentucky Map

CULTURAL CONTRIBUTIONS As a border state between North and South that stretches from Appalachia to the Mississippi River, Kentucky has long had a complex and multifaceted culture that... Read more

Nevada Metro Map

The Chicano Movement reaches Nevada. Latinos implement other means of bringing about social change; broker organizations emerge in the Latino community as militancy becomes passe. Suburbs become increasingly... Read more

Minnesota Map

Map of Mississippi Mississippi Tejanos and Braceros, 1940s-1960s Though Mississippi farmers were comparatively slow to take advantage of the guest worker program that would come to be known... Read more

New Jersey Map

New Jersey Latinos and Education Latinos have played an important role in education in New Jersey, as they have made contributions to teaching. In 2000 there were more... Read more

Map of New Mexico

New Mexico NOTABLE LATINOS Benavides, Alonso de (c. 1570-c. 1636). Benavides was the founder of the Franciscan mission to New Mexico and, by extension, the founder of the... Read more

Map of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Business Development and Labor Force Participation Latinos have made significant contributions to the development of new businesses in southern New Hampshire. After the recession of the... Read more

Map of Michigan

Michigan The Growth of Latino Diversity Until 1950 nearly all Latinos in Michigan were either Mexican migrants or Mexican Americans. After mid-century other Latino groups began to arrive... Read more

Minnesota Metro Map

Minnesota historical overview The history of Latinos in Minnesota is in large part the history of Mexicans in Minnesota. Currently, there are 15 times more Mexicans in Minnesota... Read more