Korea calls itself “The Land of Morning Calm.” Scenic beauty abounds. Depending upon location, winters can be very cold and summers hot and humid. The climate is varied.... Read more


Air departures from the United States to Ecuador totaled only 40,527 in 1981. Still, the country is worth reviewing for students of travel because of the beauty of... Read more

Best countries to travel solo

Austria Belgium France Germany Liechtenstein Luxembourg Monaco Netherlands Switzerland FINANCIAL SECURITY PROTECTING YOUR VALUABLES. There are a few steps you can take to mini mize the financial risk... Read more

Best european country to visit

Austria Belgium France Germany Liechtenstein Luxembourg Monaco Netherlands Switzerland TERRORISM AND CIVIL UNREST. In the wake of 9/11, exercise increased vigi lance near embassies and be wary of... Read more


Flying 2,775 miles southwest from Hawaii, the traveler can land at Nandi, the international airport for the South Sea nation of Fiji. It has been a nation since... Read more


Newfoundland, Canada’s newest province, offers camping, hunting, fishing, and sightseeing. Its capital, St. John’s, is the oldest city in North America north of Mexico and is a good... Read more

Quebec City

Quebec City is the most European city on the North American continent, with one of the famous old hotels dating back to 1892 Le Chateau Frontenac. Quebec City... Read more


EASTERN EUROPE AND THE USSR Variously defined, Eastern Europe as the term is used here consists of seven states: Poland, the largest; Czechoslovakia and Hungary, both landlocked; Romania... Read more


OFFICIAL NAME: REPUBLIC OF ICELAND Iceland suffers from a bad press, a public relations ploy pulled centuries ago when a Viking chieftain who was intent on selling what... Read more


The economic importance of international travel to particular countries is seen by the amount of money generated by visitors. The 1981 receipts by country in billions of dollars... Read more


International pleasure travel is more and more group travel including many FIT’s (foreign independent travelers), the people who plan and travel independently. Nearly all sophisticated travelers use the... Read more