In Your Earl US Map & Phone & Address

In Your Earl US Map & Phone & Address

957 Commonwealth Ave. Boston; (617) 787-9755

72A Ml Auburn St. Cambridge; (617) 491-5035

One of Boston’s many great used mu-. sic stores, IYE has sprouted two locations. Rock n roll, both new and old, is ably represented here from vintage 60s records to tapes by Boston’s newest local bands. They have other

CD Spins Dedicated primarily to compact discs, the best way to get good quality used tunes. Very liberal return policy.

Disc Diggers Funky shop in Somerville with lots of hip music especially jazz and world beat secondhand kinds of music, but those sections are not extensive.

Records and cassettes are reasonably priced, from $3.99 to $5.99; most compact discs are in the range of $5.99 to $7.99, with some as low as $2.99. Iggy Pop and the B-52s were both seen at $5.99. They also have lots of boxes filled with records and tapes for a buck even good ol’ 8-track tapes (yow) for 50 cents.

In Your Ear! also sells new and used music videos, lots of rock and movie posters, accessories, and even turntables. Open Mondays through Saturdays til 8 P.M. Sundays 12-6.

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