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Outside of Madrid, for more action, head on down to the Costa del Sol of southern Spain. Set up your new home in the waterfront town of Malaga, where you’ll be traveling to clubs in the town of Torremolino. Stop #1 is very well known, about a 15 Euro cab ride, located west off of M-340 at salida 214. Estark 92 features an even better setup than Flowers Park in Madrid, with a bar full of 50 outrageous looking South American girls and a hotel right above the bar. Dates are much cheaper here, at the rate of 50-70 Euro for 30 minutes. No cover charge, beers are 6 euro. These are some experienced and hot women, they come complete with sex toys, and will wear naughty outfits if you want. The club, as an added bonus, switches the girls who work at the club every two weeks with new girls, which eliminates the occasional hassling from previous girls who suddenly think they’re your girlfriend. Geez, pay them once for sex and they think they own you. What is this, America?

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While in Malaga, the other big brothel to hit is called the Scandalo Club on the Guadalorce industrial estate. The owner actually has 5 locations spread around Spain. Same setup as Estark 92 , with around 50 great looking South American and E. Europe girls. Pricing again is 70 Euro Vi hour, 120 Euro for a full hour date. Before entering Scandalo, stroll around the streets for a bit. There are dozens of young Nigerian sistas walking the pavements. It seems they’ve been told there is a sword swallowing competition to be held, and they would love to practice their craft on you, for about 10-20 Euro.

The fanciest place in Malaga is called Club le Cocdor, found a few kilometers from Torremolinas. The setup is quite impressive, it’s a huge exquisite Mediterranean Estate with a hotel room feel, complete with whirlpool. Cover charge here is $13 Euro, which includes a drink. The girls are a large international assortment and are lounging about in high back chairs. Each girl is just dying to hear all about your job at McDonald’s in Detroit, in fact they’ll all sleep with you for 120 Euro while you’re telling this fascinating life story. Make sure you speak in English, because no one else here does, and don’t forget to staple a Benjamin to your forehead. Be forewarned, the girl drinks they try and force on you here are $25-30 bucks, politely decline.

Prostitution is 100% legal in Spain, but pimps are illegal.

Great minds at work here.


For local nightlife, Madrid offers a diverse choice of flamenco, salsa, jazz, rock, World Music and cantautores – Spanish singer-songwriters. Visit The Cafe de la Palma, Calle la Palma 62, for cantautores, as well as flamenco and Cuban music acts. Latino music lovers flock to La Negra Tomasa, Calle Cadiz 9, for live music nightly from 2100. Moby Dick, Avenida de Brasil 5, in the Castellana district, plays live pop and rock on weekdays and hosts DJs (reggae and rap) at weekends. The crowd is made up of both locals and touristas. At Cafe Populart, Calle Huertas 22, you get a mix of everything, from live jazz to swing, salsa, blues, gospel, African and reggae. There are two shows nightly, at 2300 and 0030. The Irish Rover pub, Avenida de Brasil 7, imports Irish, folk and country music. International acts play regularly at the Cafe Central, Plaza del Angel 10, Madrid’s top jazz venue. Pop stars and the best salsa bands perform at La Riviera, Paseo Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto.

Casinos :

AH told there are 32 Casinos in Spain, we’re list the main casinos in Madrid and Malaga, as they’re the best cities women.

Casino Gran Madrid is in Madrid, Madrid, Comunidad de, Spain and is open 4pm-5am. The 110,000 square foot casino features 174 slots and twenty table games. The property has one restaurant.

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