Mark’s Discount Outlet US Map & Phone & Address

Mark’s Discount Outlet US Map & Phone & Address

2050 Revere Beach Pkwy. Everett; (617) 381-0669

Set back from the highway by a parking lot that’s bigger than the store, Mark’s has a crazy but useful array of overstocks and irregulars in housewares, toys, and some clothing.

You’ll find socks and T-shirts, including plenty of children’s sizes; kids’ ballet slippers and tap shoes, too, for $4 to $6 a pair. Plus shampoos and cosmetics, including generic copies of perfumes; packaged candy and gum at half-price; and a large section of hardware and tools. Everything here is 50% to 75% off. Open daily, including Thursdays through Saturdays until 9 p.m.; Mondays and Tuesdays are senior citizen discount days.

450 Highland Ave. Salem; (508) 740-2808

Certain stores are blessed with names that simply demand a visit from Mr.

C, and he found the $l-$2-$3 store to be worth the trip. Toys, games, jewelry, and small tools are among the overstock, backstock, and (in a few cases) goods in damaged packaging all of which will bring you change from a Lincoln.

Outside the front of this strip mall store, water guns just in time for the soaker season were seen for $1, as were wiffle ball and bat sets and jigsaw puzzles. Inside, you may find assorted low-grade jewelry, with original price tags of $5-$10, for only $2-$3 (probably closer to their true value).

If you dread shelling out supermarket prices for spices, a variety of noname brands can be had for $1 each. Dog toys are $l-$2 wise purchases when you figure Rufus will shred them to bits inside of a week anyway. Same prices for numerous bathroom accessories, hardware and tools, etc.

Some items fall outside the range indicated by the store’s name, but paying a mere $7 for a Glitter-Hair Barbie (still sporting a $14.99 Kay-Bee sticker) seems pretty reasonable. Open seven days a week, including every evening except Sundays.

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