Nevada CHRONOLOGY The Dominguez-Escalante expedition from Spain explores the possibilities of opening a route between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Monterey, California. A silver mine near Virginia City... Read more

Rural Missouri

  Latinos in rural Missouri have a very different profile. Most are first-generation migrants who speak Spanish only, earn low wages, and are young and with children. Other... Read more


Nebraska chronology Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado travels across the present-day southwestern United States into Kansas. Though there is no evidence he crossed into Nebraska, Coronado claimed... Read more

Mississippi Vacations

Mississippi Hurricane Katrina On the one hand Hurricane Katrina devastated south Mississippi’s Latinos; on the other it provided job opportunities for thousands of would-be newcomers. Those who did... Read more


Minnesota chronology 1860 Luis Garzon, an upper-class Mexican musician, is the first recorded Latino to settle in Minnesota. Although Garzon lived in Minneapolis, he was a leader in... Read more

Nebraska Metro Map

Nebraska Historical Overview The agricultural heartland of today, the state of Nebraska once sustained sparsely populated indigenous groups. Introduced by the Spaniards, the horse changed the landscape of... Read more


CHRONOLOGY 1500 The Juan de la Cosa map of the world (1500) indicates that John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto), the only explorer sailing the North American coast at that... Read more

Holiday in Iowa

Iowa notable latinos Lisa, Manuel (1772-1820). A well-known fur trader and explorer who founded the Missouri Fur Company, Lisa was born in New Orleans of Spanish parents (his... Read more


Damian Nemirovsky CHRONOLOGY 1890s The Boston Independence Club Cuba-Borinquen advocates for Puerto Rican and Cuban independence. 1898 Massachusetts loses 292 men in the Spanish-American War. 1917 Congress naturalizes... Read more