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Oregon Convention Center,

777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr Boulevard

Late June

The only event of its kind in the Northwest, Saké Fest PDX celebrates the world of saké in all its diversity and finery. Saké, sometimes inaccurately called “rice wine,” is a unique beverage created through a fermentation process in which rice starch is converted to sugar, which is then converted to alcohol by yeast. Saké, which has its roots in China more than 4,000 years ago, was ultimately perfected by the Japanese beginning more than

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2,000 years ago. As early as the Japanese began refining their saké-brewing techniques, the beverage served as a drink of family and friendship and celebration; saké has been an integral part of Japanese society for centuries, and its popularity continues to increase worldwide. Today, some 1,800 brewers produce about 14,000 different sakés worldwide, mostly in Japan.

Saké Fest PDX gathers together some of the finest imported saké, along with saké brands brewed right here in the United States, including Oregon. The annual lineup of brands includes all the traditional styles:

Junmai, Junmai Ginjo, Junmai Daiginjo, Honjozo, Nama, Genshu, and Nigori. But this extravagant and joyous celebration hardly ends there. Along with every traditional style and grade of saké from numerous producers, guests can try infused saké, umeshu (a liqueur made from ume fruits), saké cocktails, and more. And in addition to an amazing array of fine saké, including many premium and rare brews, Saké Fest PDX serves up a wide array of culinary delights, allowing attendees to learn why saké is far more than a beverage consumed with sushi. In fact, like wine, different saké styles and flavor profiles pair exceptionally well with a broad range of foods and this intriguing festival provides ample opportunity to match flavors and textures.

Saké Fest PDX is one of the few festivals in the world dedicated to this popular beverage.

Saké Fest PDX, launched in 2010, is a one-day ticketed affair held during the evening hours at the Oregon Convention Center ballroom (venue is subject to change, with all annual details as well as advance ticket sales on the event website). Each year a limited number of early-admission tickets is made available; they allow attendees to enjoy easy unfettered access to the food and beverage tasting tables an hour earlier than regular-admission ticket holders. Ticket prices include all samples of both food and saké at all sampling stations as well as a souvenir tasting glass. A limited number of tickets is available at the door, but advance purchase via the website is a good idea (adults 21 and older only—proper ID required for admission).

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