Top 10 Reasons to Visit Switzerland

Great European Adventure awaits. Today Counting down our picks for the top 10 reasons to visit Switzerland. We’re looking at why you should head to this Alpine Country for For fun and adventure.

Number 10

Trains Switzerland

There’s no need to hire a car during a switch Excursion, the country’s reliable and Efficient rail network. Train lines cover the entire, making even the smallest towns easily accessible. And just a short Journey away, bears aren’t too expensive either. And are certainly a cheaper option, than rental cars and a faster one than buses. There are also multiple scenic train route. Dedicated to showing off Switzerland natural charm, With the glacier Express And the Bernina Express. Which both Praises routes through, the Alps and takes passengers past many wondrous sights.

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Map of Switzerland

Switzerland Maps | Maps of Switzerland

Number 9

Lakes in Switzerland

15 Best Lakes in Switzerland - The Crazy Tourist

If you decide summer is when you want to visit, be sure to visit Switzerland many late. What are some of the most beautiful on the continent. You could even build an entire Lakeside, Haitian around them. Well the leg is Stanford’s Clear blue water. And it’s one of the most picturesque body. Protected woodlands and Mountain. It’s perfect for day of Hiking and exploration. Part of the self is Grifols. Store peeled of those brave enough to take on hiking partly up the Matterhorn. Which soars above it, last but not least. Lake Constance is a sunny stretch that borders Germany and Austria. Making it ideal if you want to visit other European.

Map of Lakes in Switzerland

List of lakes of Switzerland - Wikipedia

Number 8

Cheese Switzerland

That's not Switzerland cheese - Switzerland Cheeses

Switzerland turns out some of the world’s most famous cheese.

Making it a terrifying Paradise.

Statistically the average Swiss person will eat roughly, and the country boasts.

Hundreds of different variety, the whole swiss cheese we know and love is actually called emmental.

In what what’s the most popular type of foreigners.

What is arguably the nation’s favorite

And often used in the iconic dish fondue.

Fondue itself is actually it’s with creation.

With the oldest known mention of it coming from a recipe published in Zurich in the 17th century, and it’s been a national dish for many decades.

Number 7

Castle in Switzerland

15 Best Castles in Switzerland - The Crazy Tourist

Lake Geneva is one of the busiest lakes in the country, and one of its biggest draws. Is the beautiful fairytale esque Sion. It holds the crown as the most visited historical building in all of Switzerland. Attracting more than a quarter of a million guests each year. Sometimes as many as is 400000. Nobody is entirely sure how old the castle is, but the first written reference to it is from the 11th century easily making some parts over a thousand years old. During its lifetime, it’s been used as anything from a prison to a munitions. Depot before today becoming a monument and Museum. Even host Genuine medieval banquets.

Number 6

Watches Switzerland

Our Luxury Watch Brands | Watches of Switzerland

Switzerland is the famed home of luxury watches. Including some of the most, computer designer watch brands in the world. Like Rolex and Schaffhausen. It’s estimated that around half of all luxury watches. Produced come from Movie candy made partly of expensive material like gold and diamonds. That isn’t entirely what warrants the high price tag. They come from the design Labor and Craftsmanship, you’re paying for when going Swiss. The timepieces are durable, reliable and beautiful using the best Alloys and techniques in the world. There are even certain criteria watch has to meet to legally be called Swiss watch.

Number 5

Chocolate Switzerland

Fun Facts About the Top Swiss Chocolate Brands - Delishably - Food and Drink

Vitas team Swiss imprint carries over to Chocolate to. Which is of course one of the most popular foods in the entire world. People consume perhaps 100 billion dollars worth of chocolate each year. And Swiss chocolate arguably Remains The Best of the Best. For mass-produced Chocolate be unavoidable Behemoth Nestle is a top manufacturer. But there are brands like lint Toblerone and Ragusa produced some of the tastiest treats. Anywhere in the world. Swiss chocolate contains more milk than other variety. It is crafted with great hair, making it all the more delicious.

Number 4

Waterfalls in Switzerland

The most beautiful waterfalls in Switzerland • Swiss Family Fun

Switzerland has a higher number of waterfalls, than most of its European peers. It even boasts the biggest waterfall in Europe, the Rhine Falls which extended 75 feet high and feet wide. Switzerland waterfalls are so famous, for their beauty and scale they’ve been written about offensively. Lord Byron both wrote about the schellbach Falls, while Arthur Conan Doyle immortalize the Reichenbach Falls. Making them the location of Sherlock Holmes in space. The Renown of waterfalls are in the country. Plenty of Fish And you could spend Weak semen. Lauterbrunnen Valley alone has 72 waterfalls to its name.

Number 3

Winter sports Switzerland

Winter sports in Switzerland: the perfect ski destination

Because of the Swiss Alps. Switzerland has always been a favorite location for winter athlete. What country has hosted the Winter Olympics twice once in 1928 and again in 1948. It’s what’s a plea to take it home plenty of metal from the winter. Cigarettes even has the world’s oldest Bob run. Which opened in 1904 And still operates today. The Alps are a Haven for both professional and beginner skiers, with dozens of winter ski resorts. Fairview year-long one, along with skiing people can go snowboarding ice skating losing tobogganing. Even just go for a hike up A Snowy Mountain.

Number 2

The Geneva Festival Switzerland

2020 Canceled) See l'Escalade Festival and Celebrations in Geneva in Mid-December

Every summer the Fete de geneve sets up in this famous city. And the festivities can Continue for the Entire month of August. What scale was reduced in size during 2000. It’s still an event worth traveling to Switzerland for. It has popular singers and street performers, as well as the general party atmosphere. Celebrating Swiss culture as well, as hosting the Miss Geneva beauty contest. But the best part is the renowned fireworks display, the takes place over Lake Geneva itself. One of the best fireworks attractions in the world that lights up the skies every year. Before we unveil our number one pick. Here are some honorable mentions.

Number one

the Matterhorn Switzerland

The amazing Zermatt and Matterhorn - Switzerland - YouTube

Does affirm mentioned Jagged mountain is one of the most inspiring and recognizable in the world. And you simply need to take a photo with it for your vacation to become. Switzerland has no shortage of tall peaks in the Majestic Alps. But the Matterhorn stands out from the crowd. Since you’re not going to be climbing into, the Pete unless you’re a supreme level Mountaineer. You can hike and climb other mountains of course. The next best way to see it from a distance. It’s ahead to the Village of Sandlot. A cable car Excursion to the Alpine height of the neighboring Klein Matterhorn that will leave you. Slack-jawed with Wonder.


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