Please bear with me here we’re either gonna have poor lighting or poor sound. I apologize hello everybody. I hope you’re all having a fantastically sunny summer.

And you’re all getting up to lots of amazing fun activities yeah yeah. And you’re going on some crazy adventures out into the world yeah yeah no maybe not so much well then if Mart this post is for, you, this is 10 waste at Adventure into your life even if you can’t really go.


And do something that adventurous go for a walk barefoot that’s right, you have not experienced walking until you’ve experienced it barefoot. I can’t really lift up my foot here, but, you get the point change up your eye level that means either going somewhere higher up like say on a plane or a very tall building or hiking up a mountain of, you point or going underwater scuba diving snorkeling great just swimming go swimming that counts to change it up believe your phone edge home for a day. And see what many adventures come your way yes it will be a struggle.

I actually promise, you this that it will be a struggle to leave your phone at home Brene let’s do it sleep somewhere outside or the outdoors that could mean going camping or if you don’t have camping gear making like a makeshift tent in your backyard or if you don’t have a backyard then just sleeping on your balcony if you have a balcony or if you don’t even have that go to your neighbors ask your neighbor, you can sleep in their yard seriously sleeps outside for a night, it’s really really exciting revisit an old friendship call up somebody, you haven’t talked to or haven’t contacted in a very long time talking like a couple years. And sit down hang out with them try. And go reach something where, you can catch up.

And hear about all of their life stories all their adventures because that might inspire, you to do some of your own or go on one together yes yay adventures go to a restaurant you’ve never been before open the menu close your eyes. And pick something from it. And that’s what you’re good eat seriously that is what you’re gonna eat do not back out of it you’re trying something new.

And different. And if you live in a larger city pick a country any country. And then Google if there are any restaurants that serve dishes from that country in your city go to it try something new try something different like you’re in an exotic location, but you’re not have a yes day which means you’d say yes to everything just like that Jim Carrey movie, you have to say yes to everything that comes your way in that day yes yes yes yes yes yes just in general if you want more event should be a yes person always say yes, you never know if you’re going what’s going to lead to this or that unless, you try that’s where the X comes in do something fast.

I’m talking about like ATVs or motorbikes or or just regular bikes or ski-doos or cities or, you know anything that is faster than your everyday walking or runnin just just do something fast. And last leave the house, you must leave your house from 8 a.m. to like 11 p.m.

And do something all day for the entire dan, you cannot return no no don’t return it to your house get out of your comfort zone go search for something, it’s even better start up with no plan start out with no plans. And then floor plan as your day comes along, it’s their adventure all the adventures alrighty well. I hope that list has helped.

And inspired, you to go out into the world. And throw some more adventure into your life there’s been a lot of arm movements in this post. I apologize but.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it. And thank you so much for reading make sure, you comment to my blog if you want to see more posts like this plus my other travel posts that.

I do as well as these Retton posts. So yeah. I love, you just reading.

And I’ll see, you next time bye are defined. And the teachers they just don’t have the resources for. So it really helps when volunteers come in a really helpful um they’re really trying to build a sustained Island here.

I am. I started off my trowel story we are going to slide off your towel stories. ?

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