5 Things to Consider Before You Buy Wood Burning Stove

With the passage of time and with the advancement in the technology, people have become smart and now they come up with amazing things every time. One such thing is available in the form of wood burning stove. Whether it is to heat the homes or to take the edge off those cool evenings, wood burning stoves are the best-suited examples of the amalgamation of traditional art and modern technology. This post mainly deals with the facts to consider before opting for wood stove installation or buying the one.

1. Fireplace

In case there is a fireplace, irrespective of a large inglenook or a small modern opening, choosing a perfect stove is always easy. Although if someone is looking forward to create a decent and well-designed center piece for the living room, this is also possible with the availability of the variety of materials. Whether it is brick, marble, stone or a simply plastered finish, the results will be amazing.

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2. Chimney

In case a person is already having a chimney, then a liner can be inserted that will make the job straight forward. But, if there is no chimney then one need not worry as it can be made by running a flue up just outside of the house. Apart from that, there are many other ways of doing the same to get a stylish look.

3. Output of the Heat

Different types of stoves are available in the market and they are mainly designed to heat places of different sizes. Stoves that come with 4-5 kW ratings can heat an average room and one with 8 kW ratings can heat a much larger space. On the top of that, one should also consider the age of the house and make sure that whether the place has saving measures or not. A newly built house might require a fraction of the output from the stove as compared to the older one.

4. Type of Fuel

There are varieties of fuels available in the market to power the stoves like wood fuel, multi-fuel or solid fuel. Wood fuels are exclusively used to run firewood and they are effective in getting burn using the logs. Solid fuel stoves are mainly designed to run on fuels like anthracite. On the other hand, the multi-fuel stove can run on either wood fuel or solid fuel.

5. Efficiency of the Stove

Before opting for stove installation, it is highly important to check out the efficiency of the stove and it is mainly measured in the fact that how flawlessly an application can dig out the heat available from the fuel and distribute the same in the living room as useful heat.

The efficiency of a stove can be calculated on the net or gross basis and the difference between the two ranges mainly depends on the fact that how the initial heat content of the fuel used in measured. Just for the info of the readers, the least gross efficacy needed for a dry stove is almost 65% and for the ones having heating boiler is 67%.

So, these were some of the important things to consider before buying a wood stove in your place. Get in touch with the professionals to get the best possible results in terms of value and quality.

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