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Amaranth is a famous Hindu shrine in which a snow shivling is formed and deformed on its own. Amarnath Cave was made by Shiva’s trident. The cave is 16 meter long, 15 meter in width and 11 meter high. It is written in the religious texts that Lord Shiva had selected this place and then formed a cave to narrate a holy story to Mother Parvati.

This cave is 48 kilometers away from the Pahalgam village of Kashmir. It is 3,880 meters above the sea level. The idol here is a snow shivling which is formed by the dropping snow above the cave. Sometimes this shivling reaches a height of 8 feet.

A pair of pigeons always remains here from the time when Lord Shiva was narrating the story to Mother Parvati. The golden chance to visit this shivling was first acquired by Saint Burgoo in the Satyug. Later a herder had discovered this cave and made it known to the world.

The cave is open each year between July and August. The journey to Amarnath is on foot and very dangerous.

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