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So we are at the end of this book and hopefully it has motivated you to begin your love affair with travelling. But, before I sign off, let us recall the key lessons in this guide.

Travel is an investment. As someone said, Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Enough said.

Internet is Your Friend. Your strategy is to finding travel hacks and deals using the Internet – the only thing that may change over time are the various online search and comparison engines and tools. You should do this for airlines, trains, local transport, hotels, restaurants etc. Mercifully, many travellers have done the job of reviewing all these and have thus made it easier. You too should give back to the travelling community by contributing your reviews.

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Travel Tools . Get the travel credit card best suited for you. This also applies to frequent flyer and hotel loyalty membership. Do not simply follow the herd.

Organize. Get a travel organizer (physical and virtual) for all documents, reservations etc. so you can travel safe and worry-free.

I hope I have been able to put some light on the topic of travel hacking. When I started this, I did it with the aim of helping my friends and relative who then encouraged me to write about it and help others like you readers. I thoroughly enjoyed getting more information and cutting down on the fluff so as to keep the guide lean and engaging enough. I thank all of you for reading this book! Bon Voyage!

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Please dont make copies of this book nor upload it online. A lot of hard work has gone into researching and writing this book. Please help in putting a stop to the menace of online piracy as it discourages writers and other artists from coming up with quality content.


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