Loyalty Programs by Booking Web Portals For India Travel

Some booking portals too offer loyalty programs. The most visible among them are from www.Hotels.com (Welcome Rewands) and www.jRoda.com (Agoda Rewards). You simply collect points every time you book with them and theft redeem for free nights. This is good if you are not too particular about a hotel chain or do not travel that frequently. So book a hotel of your choice and collect those points,

So you ask me – what is more beneficial to collect; airline miles or hotel points? Now that is a million $ (or points) question. So let us calculate using say, Citibank Premier Miles card. Following is the matrix for two popular destinations viz. Singapore and London.

Premier Miles Disclaimer : Representative Data as on writing of this book and may change.

What is apparent from the above table is that Hilton at London gets us the best value. The value is further heightened by the fact that two guests can stay in that room against one return flight ticket. Okay, nice.but did you also take into account that although you require one return flight, you do need multiple nights at that Hilton! So the value suddenly drops that much. So you can equate maximum of three night stay with your return flight. This is where other factors take consideration. Factors like bonus points, discounts etc. for both will help you decide what you should accumulate.

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