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Sailing :

Smooth constant winds are perfect for sailing conditions. You can rent catamaran, trimaran, as well as Sunfish or the Minifish.

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Windsurfing :

Tons of rental equipment and guides. Prime locations on island for the advanced users. In June, Aruba has the Hi-Winds Amateur World Challenge windsurfing tournament. This 10-day competition has worldwide pros.

Tennis & Squash :

The all-inclusive clubs have tennis. The fanciest location to play is the Aruba Racquet Club, Aruba’s first world-class tennis center, and is located at Rooi Santo 21 in the Palm Beach area. 8 well lit courts, swimming pool, gym, bar and restaurant.

Underwater tours :

Seaworld Explorer

Great glass bottom views from this boat, with morning and afternoon rides that visit boat wrecks, Antilla and Arashi and the coral reef.

Atlantis Submarine

Explore the Caribbean at 150 feet below surface on board the 46 passenger state-of-the-art Atlantis Submarine. To get there you take a catamaran ride from downtown Oranjestad to the dive site, then you switch to the sub and head underwater.

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