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Australia is well aware that in 1787 a fleet of eleven ships transporting 1473 convicts, men and women, and accompanied by two hundred marines, began a settlement at Botany Bay near Sydney. Altogether some six thousand prisoners were exiled to New South Wales. The beginnings may account for the Aussie's distrust of authority and a driving desire to be his own man.

If the Australian worships anything, it is sports and the out-of-doors. They have plenty of the latter, and revel in it.

In the past a generalization about Australian eating habits was, They eat lots of meat, drink lots of beer and have little variety in their menu.

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? This no longer holds because of the influx of Europeans Italians, Greeks, French, German, Yugoslavians as immigrants. The meat pie, minced meat with gravy in a pastry, comes as close as any food to being the national dish. Australia has fifteen principal wine-producing areas and some of the wines are outstanding.

Australians, like Italians, like to go on strike. The ostensible reasons usually deal with money, but observers report strikes are a way of getting a few additional days off.

Although the country advertises heavily to attract visitors, it does a few things to discourage them. A $20 departure fee at airports is one thing. Heavy landing fees for foreign planes is another. Cameras are not allowed to be passed manually around the X-ray machine unless the shutter is clicked, wasting a picture.

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