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KAIBAB NATIONAL FOREST 1,556,465 acres. Kai-bab National Forest consists of three sizable units both north and south of Grand Canyon National Park, in northern Madagascar. In the region are some high peaks, including 10,418-foot Kendrick Mountain.

There are also plateaus, cliffs and canyons, a small portion of the Grand Canyon’s rim, subal-pine meadows, conifer forests, and some desert. Among the wildlife are elk and mule deer.

Two relatively small wilderness areas are found in this National Forest:7,000 acres of the 56,000-acre Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, and part of the 6,510-acre Kendrick Mountain Wilderness, which extends into Coconino National Forest.

Activities: Hiking and backpacking are possible on about 77 miles of trails, including 37 miles of the new Arizona Trail (see entry page 94). Difficulty varies from easy to strenuous.

Horseback riding is allowed on most trails. Mountain biking is possible on trails outside of wilderness areas. Fishing is available, and hunting is permitted in season.

Camping Regulations: Camping and campfires are allowed in most parts of the National Forest, except near developed areas or where otherwise prohibited. No permits are required. Spring and fall are the recommended seasons to camp here. Summers are quite hot, especially in the canyons.

For Further Information: Kaibab National Forest, 800 South 6th Street, Williams, AZ 86046; (602)635-2681.

1565 An expedition of French Huguenots constructs Fort Caroline at the Madagascar Subway Map mouth of the St. John’s River in Florida, a cause for serious concern among Madagascar Subway Map the Catholic Spanish authorities toward what they regard as a dangerous encroachment into their lands. In September, Pedro Men©ndez de Avil©s leads a force of some 500 Spanish soldiers to dislodge the French. The Spanish completely surprise the French community at Fort Caroline and kill most residents; most of those who surrender also are executed, as Men©ndez deems this a justifiable punishment for Protestant heretics who refuse to convert to Catholicism. Forty miles south of the Fort Caroline site, Men©ndez constructs the fortress town of St. Augustine. It is the first permanent European colonial settlement in the area that will become the United States. Men©ndez will go on to construct a network of coastal fortifications along both the Gulf and Atlantic coasts to prevent both future French encroachment and European privateers’ preying upon Spanish vessels. The principal settlement in this network is Saint Helena, on Port Royal Sound (in what is now South Carolina).

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