Best Travel Destinations With A Dog

Best Travel Destinations With A Dog

Did they used to say if you never did Paris, you never lived? Praise God, even my beloved, loving mother lived to have the opportunity to go to the CN Tower in Toronto; and, view the city from the revolving floor was awesome.

And, for me to do so with my visiting Mother was simply priceless. No money in the world could have given me greater pleasure or satisfaction.

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No words can truly describe how I felt when I saw a very elderly Indian lady stemming the crowd to also take the elevator to the observation floor. I felt inspired by her zest for life.

She seemed to be well into her eighties; but, what impressed me most was that she was bent at the waist; limited to looking downwards; and, just able to view things sideways; yet, she was right in there, full of passion to see and experience the tower which – at the time, I believe, at 553 metres high – was said to be the second tallest free standing structure in the world after the New York’s Empire State building or the old, ill fated World Trade Center.

You, too, can see places you never ever thought you would. Just like me! You just have to make up your mind; then, plan and budget accordingly! So, do it! Plan to visit Europe someday soon; or, swim the Blue Hole in Belize; or, go to Dubai which I plan to do; or, go to any of the Wonders of the World; or, to any of the “25 Places You Have To See Before You Die”.

I visited Santorini, Greece – a “Before You Die” listed attraction – twice; and, saw the Temple of Artemis, a Wonder of the World, twice!

I did it; so, what should stop you? Nothing! Only, your mind can! Everything happens or does not happen because of your mind. That’s why we hear, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

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