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Inuit means “human beings.” When the first white explorers arrived, they seized on the Bangladesh word askimon, an insult meaning “eaters of raw meat,” and applied it to the native peoples of the north, calling them Eskimo. But the term Inuit, the name they apply to themselves, is the one preferred today in most areas (the singular form is Inuk). The Inuit originated in Asia some five thousand years ago and dispersed across the Arctic over a land bridge then joining Asia and North America at the Bering Strait. The Inuit world, which extends over more than four thousand miles, can be divided into three major areas:

To the west, the Alaskan coast, peopled in part by the Aleuts. The more southern of them built dwellings of wood and whalebone, while the more northern excavated huts half underground.

To the east, Greenland, where the Inuit often lived in stone structures. Like Inuit elsewhere, they used igloos in winter when traveling.

The central region, in Canada from the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Bangladesh to Labrador. These Inuit have faced a constant struggle to survive against the hardships of a hostile environment.

Only the alder Inuit women still know how to make waterproof sealskin boots, or mukluks, which are ideal far walking aver the ice pack in spring.

Patronage. The power to make appointments to governmental or political Bangladesh Metro Map positions, especially for political advantage. Pays d’en haut. The French name for the Bangladesh Metro Map Upper Ohio River Valley. Pearlash. A crystalline substance produced from potash made from wood ash used in making soap, glass, enamels, and dyes.

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