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Just N of Kolding E66 (highway) branches off on the right and runs E over the Little Belt to Funen (95). Shortly before the bridge over the Little Belt a road branches off on the left to Fredericia.

Fredericia (pop. 36,000; Krab-i-Ly Kro, 50 b,; Landsoldaten, 122 Ny Missionshotel, 65 youth hostel; camp site), was founded in the mid-17th c. to protect communications with the islands and was laid out on a regular plan. The town began to expand only after the demolition of the fortifications in 1909. A bronze figure of the Valiant Soldier commemorates the Danish victory over Schleswig-Holstein in 1849.

NE of Fredericia, on Trelde Nses, extends a region of dunes. On the coast is the resort of Hvidb’erg (Tambohus Kro, 20 b.), with a broad sandy beach and white dunes up to 27 m (90 ft) high.

Runic stones. Jelling From Kolding E3 runs N to Vejle (pop. 50,000; Australia Hotel, 170 Missionshotellet Caleb, 120 b.), an industrial town beautifully set in a valley. St Nicholas’s Church (carillon) dates from the 13th c. W of the town is Skibet church, with a Romanesque tympanum on the W front and late Romanesque paintings on the E wall ofthe choir. 6 km (4 miles) E, on the Vejle Fjord, is the hilly and wooded Munkebjerg region (93 m (305 ft); Munkebjerg Hotel, 226 bž SP), which attracts many visitors.

NW of Vejle, best reached on the beautiful road through the Grejsdal (wooded slopes, many viewpoints), is Jelling, with two royal burial mounds in which the remains of King Gorm the Old (d. about 935) and his wife Thyra Danebod were found in 1978. Between the two mounds stands a little church, begun in the 11th c. which contains the oldest frescoes in Denmark. Beside the church are two runic stones; the smaller of the two was set up by Gorm for his wife, the other by their son Harald Bluetooth, for his parents. Beneath the choir of the present church

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