Boston By Little Feet US Map & Phone & Address

Boston By Little Feet US Map & Phone & Address

Various locations; Information, (617) 367-2345

This company puts together hour-long walking tours along the Freedom Trail, but adds games and activities to make history fun. It’s geared toward ages six through twelve; children must be accompanied by an adult. Boston By Little Feet tours are May through October, on Saturday mornings at 10 and Sunday afternoons at 2. Admission is $5 for all ages.

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Coal mines and iron foundries made it a leader in the Industrial Revolution. It was an East Lothian entrepreneur who began this industrial revolution, but his local mine owner would not reduce prices to make production viable. The famous Abyssinian traveller, Bruce of Kinnaird, had pits near Falkirk and he delivered the goods. So Carron, now swallowed up by Falkirk, became the heavy iron industry centre of Scotland with the biggest ironworks in Europe in 1814. Hark to the Companion’s description of the reality. ‘In daylight, the thick columns of rising smoke, with the flames bursting through them at intervals, and the high chimneys, with the sable hue of the far extended brick buildings, present a grand but gloomy scene, which is strongly contrasted with the green woods around and the artificial sheets of water collected for the use of machinery. But, if night, the prospect is terribly sublime – the huge flames issuing from the furnaces – the charring coals spread out like sheets of fire – and the luminous circle that spreads around the whole, joined to the noise arising from the clanking of the chains, and the roaring of the bellows, presents such a noble and terrific scene ’ That has all passed away. Roman camps, town walls and old buildings have all gone but many 18th-century buildings are now carefully preserved, there is an excellent museum and a rebuilt town centre (much glass and concrete) and the town is well surrounded by parks and gardens. Of interest to walkers were the annual Falkirk Trysts, the largest cattle marts in the country. The scale was enormous: 60,000 cattle and 100,000 sheep are said to have been sold in one day.

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