Boston Sail Loft US Map & Phone & Address

80 Atlantic Ave. Boston; (617) 227-7280

1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge; (617) 225-2222

For an inexpensive meal that will seem like a big night out on the town, catch some fish at the Sail Loft. Located right on the waterfront, it offers a view of the harbor (very romantic at night). In warm weather you may be able to get a table out on the deck and pretend you own one of the yachts moored below.

Meanwhile, the food is terrific and moderately priced. For fresh fish, such as bluefish, mako shark, and more, check the blackboard specials. Regular dinners include a huge platter of fish and chips ($10.95), fried shrimp for the same price, and fried boneless breast of chicken in a honey-mustard sauce ($8.95). These come with French fries and French bread, tartar sauce, and cole slaw.

Burgers are big and juicy, starting at $5.50. For a dollar more, though, try a havarti cheese burger or the Sail Loft burger, topped with Genoa salami, mozzarella, peppers, and mushrooms. A bowl of fresh clam chowder is $3.75; or have a cup with half a sandwich for $6.95.

Compared with most of the other joints in this popular neighborhood, the Sail Loft lets you dine like a captain and may even give you a head-start on saving up for a boat

Sail Loft also has a second branch near Kendall Square. Same great food, but alas, no view! Open daily til 10 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays until 11 PM.

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