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DNR McCarthy Beach State Park map. A Country State Park permit is required.

Drive north on County Road 5 to an intersection where County Road 65 turns right (east) and County Road 501 left (west). Turn left on County Road 501 and drive 0.9 miles to the parking area on the right side of the road.

Without question, glaciers are one of the most powerful and awe inspiring forces in the natural world. We may not realize this because they are largely things of the distant past. Today’s glaciers are much smaller than the continental ice sheets that once existed, and they tend to be in remote areas far from human habitation. What we do have is the geological evidence of past glaciers and ice sheets, and our imaginations. McCarthy Beach State Park is an excellent place to let your imagination run wild. Here, glacial moraines and kettle lakes testify to the great ice sheets that once covered this area and much of Country.

Early Plays, Venues, and Companies The first known play to be performed in an English colony was The Bare and the Cubb on August 27, 1665, in a tavern on the eastern shore of Virginia. Best places to vacation in USA Although the play was deemed a success, one member of the community, Edward Martin, complained of heresy. The three actors in the play, Cornelius Watkinson, Philip Howard, and William Darby (also author of the play), were summoned to the county court. There, the magistrates requested that the defendants perform the play and found them not guilty of fault. Martin was then requested to pay the court costs. It is not known if there were any repeat performances. Other early plays include a production of Benjamin Coleman’s Gustavus Vasa in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1690 and the Pastoral Colloquy in Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1702. The first play to be printed in the colonies was Robert Hunter’s Androboros, a B[i]ographical Farce in Three Acts in 1714. It was written as a satire of the Anglican Church and was probably never performed.

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