I’ve got the blazer on today. So we’re dressy. But not too dressy it’s kind of that fine line between I guess you could call it business casual maybe t-shirt, and a blazer no I like it it’s nice to wear a blazer once in a while it’s Tuesday May 10th 2018 just about 12 o’clock in the afternoon, and today I have a bunch of meetings, and then tonight we’re doing well you’ll see what happens later in this post or maybe. But the thumbnail that I chose in the title you already know.


But it’s gonna be pretty cool here’s the thing I was gonna take my bike down to where I have to go. But you know it’s kind of warm out, and then, I’ll start sweating and, I’ll roll up on the bike with helmet hair, and this will be all wrinkled also bike you are staying back today some way it is. So, I’m down by Astor Place now for the first meeting it’s at a coffee shop it should be really casual it’s the best part about New York City this just got done that the last meeting went really well it was good. Because it was just like an hour long of just straight talking which is always good. Because you know you can talk with someone over email, and there’s something just about meeting face-to-face, and actually connecting don’t get me wrong like I’ve built. So many relationships through even just these posts. But there’s just something about meeting face-to-face, and sitting down or standing, and talking that’s just human your smile is beautiful, I’m jumping on the subway now I get home, and jessica has the bathroom turned into a makeshift steam room a few people have been like where is your bathroom in your apartment.

So our bathroom is right, and that door right there right by the front door it’s kind of hidden. But a few people have asked that, and that’s just like one or two like good amount then like where’s your bathroom at are you almost ready wow look at that yeah some very edgy lips sit there you know next to them for those of you wondering I mixed these two over liquid lipsticks in Staten Island, and Boca or should I say stay Alan never say that again please tonight, I’m bringing my various dirty look how dirty the mirrors oh I get for this day it’s all our fingerprints all your fingerprints that’s Jessica’s make them here I thought it would be sunny tonight. But it’s kind of cloudy a little cool which kind of puts a damper on our our location it’ll still be fun though a viewer messaged me on my email about two weeks ago, and he’s like oh I work at this place, I’m not gonna say where it is yet. Because I kind of want it to be a surprise. But well cuz it’s kind of cool it leaves a little bit of a suspense in the posts yeah miss sure yeah. But anyway this guy emailed me, and he’s like oh I love reading your posts I live in New York I think it’s so cool to see how another New Yorker lives would you want to come, and check out blank place at the length day, and it’s actually funny. Because one was was that for our anniversary was our three-year anniversary Jessica got a Groupon to this place, and we just never got around to it, and now we’re going, and we’re going to 880 please Plaza that house 808 thank you sir good night in Queens we were driving here in that guy who drove past us cut us off, and he just yelled asshole welcome to Queens I know the sun’s coming out check this out Hey looking for the restaurant, and you the hall make a right turn take the elevator to the top floor up here Turki thank you we are at penthouse 808 in Queens overlooking Manhattan this is amazing imagine coming here on a summer day like today it’s kind of cool out spring wants to come.

But it’s still kind of like whether it’s that’s true. But imagine on a nice hot summer day cuz apparently in the summer time they take this down this top covering the restaurant area where we’re sitting, and the whole thing’s open just like one giant party will you take a picture of me here Prince where do you want it right here with a great our food, and I have the sushi boat focus I’ve got the sushi jessica has the silver news it’s open noodles, and beside the I think we might get a sunset I am it’s kind of like I don’t know if you can hear us. But you got the view like the whole view ready just myself in Strickland arms are you ready to go that’s yeah let’s go to the bathroom then we’ll find Mike, and head out yeah yeah back to Manhattan. But just I honestly I can’t get over how amazing the view is, I’ll say it again we’re about to head out the door we’re on the balcony saying our good-byes, and Mike’s like oh did you guys get the dirt yet we have a lava cake with ice cream thank you my amazing food I might have a good night that was great though it was really nice, and Mike to invite us out. So Mike if you’re reading this thank you for the invitation yeah okay my recommendations are three roles they were delicious we devoured them we get to marry them. So fast they’re like the perfect Chris penis was like a vegetable on the inside. But you don’t get like that papery part on the outside it’s just like pricey goodness you need to be a food critic, and then lava cake was so like no joke we finished our desserts, and probably a minute, and a half maybe two minutes, and then I came back if I ever got it. But we were about to leave, and Mike’s like oh did you guys stay for dessert, and we’re like wait you guys have a dessert menu what you know what’s cool about places like this we had no clue this place even existed, I’m just glad we finally got to come here you know. Because we mentioned this in the apartment for this spot we were actually gonna come for our anniversary, and we never got around to it I know yeah now we finally got to come, and check it out, and now we are gonna go on this bridge right here, and ride all the way across back in the Manhattan you know what I actually used to run this bridge when we first moved it was actually almost when I first started these blogs in the wintertime my workout I would run from Manhattan into Queens on this bridge, and then in the middle there’s a really steep hill at the apex I used to do sprints up, and down the steep part like a 5-mile run. Because if you see the bridge goes all the way deep into Queens it doesn’t just stop right when it gets onto the island it goes way deep in there uber is here fastest way to get back to Manhattan thank you sir have a good night got everything put a nice little date night Tuesday date night it was nice I like that I definitely recommend that restaurant if you are ever in New York City – really cool place like if you have a hot date your mom’s in town seriously those are the two of you folks those are the two times where you bring out the big guns, and go to a nice restaurant bring your mom exactly not for dad dad -. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion, and comment we’ve always let Jessica comment comment all the things make all the things, and do good stuff we’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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