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So it seems we’re most excited for in 2018. So I think our best, and our worst moment was both how do you afford to travel the world oh we think you know coming to babe. So guys hey everybody hey guys do answered a bit of a different post it’s the end of 2018. So we thought we’d do a roundup Q&A I don’t remember the last time we did a Q&A like over half a year ago we’ve decided that this is gonna be a new tradition the end of every year we’re gonna do a wrap-up Q&A answer some questions about a year you guys had a lot of questions. Because the last time we did a Q&A I think our audience was tiny less than half some other new people. So hello to everyone, I’m Steven Wright this year, I’m Jess yes all right. So before we get started I want to share something you haven’t looked at this for a whole year right I haven’t looked at this for a whole okay.

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So on the first of January this year on a plane and, I’m pretty sure it was I playing I grabbed the stick bag from the back of my plane seat, and I wrote down my goals for this year it wasn’t used beautiful single planes oh yes yeah it doesn’t like flowing I don’t like flying, and I get really sick on airplanes. But um, and she’s on the Travel blog. But I write out goals for this year, and you haven’t looked at them, and I wanted to read them, and see how we went. Because having goals is so important it moves things from being dreams to reality. So you have something to like came towards okay did we write like Oh Stephen injustice there’s only six of them Stephen injustice goals for 2018 one get married we did that we did that yeah we visit Spain, and Croatia for the hey Marie someone is ready to go on a yacht cruise I remember I decided to change it up. So we were initially wanting to do Spain, and Croatia Pat the honeymoon, and Steven really wanted to Croatia.

But I was really tossing up between Spain, and then doing the road trip in the UK, and then I just decided Croatia’s the warm kind of pile of the honeymoon let’s do something completely different half. So went for the UK. So we still need to do Spain well we didn’t Croatia was just locked in yeah, and we must have just totally forgotten about it. But, I’m so glad we did that UK yeah me too nearly there Bob’s it was really really good it’s one of my favorite trip three live abroad again okay. So we didn’t do we didn’t do that. So we were thinking of moving abroad, and then I think a lot of opportunities came, and we ended up just traveling all yeah yeah I think, I’m getting ugly yeah like we weren’t sure what 2018 it was gonna bring really that we’re gonna get married, and then planning we wanted to go live in the UK for like every three months similar to our first year travel we went to Canada yeah we’re thinking moving to the UK. But everything just changed a lot of people started wanting to work with us, and we’re like let’s just keep traveling surveys good we said four have a white Christmas oh my goodness happening spoilers by the way, I’m not sure when this thing is coming out.

But we are currently in a very cold place yes okay number five is really good yeah it’s number five, I’ll go at the end of the years to keep 30,000 commentrs Wow, and we will we’re almost on 60,000 you guys are AC what was doubled our goal, and it wasn’t like a goal to be like let’s get as many commentrs yes well I think we were like in terms of like if we’re talking about as a career which we never talked about we have to aim towards some goals. Because eventually you know we want to have a family, and we need to you know be yeah you want to we want to use like okay we want to be our job this is all this is I never talked about this like back then we didn’t see it as it could be a job it was just fun okay let’s just travel for however long, and you know if this all crashes, and burns we’ll see in the world yen as 2018 went on, and were like well this could actually be a memory area. But I like how we were kidding like heading towards like thirty thousand which is still such a small almost double that we’re like two thousand way to help us guys get our Christmas miracle, and number six was okay. So we had three countries we really wanted to visit one was Japan oh we did that it was India which we tended happen, and the other sub Philippines that was really what you do as well I really want to do the Philippines, and at the end of it let’s do this, and it’s that’s the little throw up bag let’s get to the Q&A alrighty. So we ask you guys questions everywhere cuz you guys are just everywhere now community group our Facebook community group Twitter, and yes, and we chose the top 10 most asked questions most asked, and also relevant to like 2018 roundup type stuff yeah yes. So the first question is from Minh our best, and worst moments of 2018 hoping 2018 2018 has been kind to you guys. So that’s our worst moment.

So I think our best in him, and our worst moment was both the wedding. So the best moment of the year was the wedding of course that’s like obvious it’s like I can’t believe how the wedding turned out we had dreams, and hopes for the wedding, and it just blew all those expectations away it was perfect it was exactly we wanted. But also the worst moment was also part of the wedding. Because we actually didn’t share this with you guys cause was super stressful. But three months before our wedding venue canceled on us yes. So if I had three months to find a new venue, and in terms of that our budget doubled as well. Because we have a certain venue we were actually we initially gonna get married at our actual house where we say these credible villa.

But there were some complications with the surrounding villas they said no parties no nothing no they can’t have the wedding. So I was like oh my gosh now I need to go find a mini, and pay for event it was the most stressful time we didn’t flog it. Because sometimes stress can take over bloah you know I understand there’s some postgers out there that are really good, and can like thrive on that we don’t stress what happens like not post for a couple of days, and get it sorted that’s not funny though within well I think all week or two we found st. John hotel and, I’m so glad that actually the air B&B cancelled yes anything cuz like the venue that we ended up having was way nicer yes really yes it was a bit stressful waiting middle. So it was the best part of the year, and I mean anyone who’s got married before you probably totally agreed it’s already right now the worst looking wedding is planning the wedding. But yeah good question. So our second question comes from Instagram your user name is Jay Sean je dois Jackie Joanne Jackie dua is there anything he would change about your last year of travel, and what was the number one thing you learned when traveling this year first of all I would change absolutely nothing 2018 was the best year for.

So many things the best year for our relationship the best year for travel then went to see for our career and, I’ll bet you for our career, and James like moving things forward I actually started make like an income yeah, and we went to 22 countries 22 countries in one year that’s almost like we’re currently enough hazy well we’ve just came back from our 50th country that’s almost half the amount of countries we saw a lot was was a lot returning not really a lot with you know new. So it’s like a lot of South America we went to Japan China poloz Asia Europe went to the Middle East did we did lunches yeah we did yeah it was an absolutely incredible year, and the second part of your question was, and what was the number one thing you learnt I think that, I’m one thing we’ve learned this year is – for 2018 is to slow down a little bit. Because we did go to a lot of countries. But it was so fast like there were some times over here, and they spent like a couple of days in that country I don’t know. So I think for 2018 if we go to a place we want to try, and slow it down stay for a bit longer enjoy like what we’re doing right now we’re currently in Colorado in Crested Butte, and we have a week like a seven-day you want we’ve unpacked in my house we went grocery shopping yeah it was so exciting, and I cooked food that was great.

So I really want to slow down staying more Airbnb ease as well yes like half. Because like this year we stay in a lot in hotels, and hostels yes I think, I’m now getting back into the whole Airbnb vibe the whole mini kitchen yeah it it keeps you staying on the road definitely is amazing is take off countries like we just realized that we need to slow down. So we can explore a bit more yeah. So Cameron from facebook asks what’s your favorite country we’ve ever been to. So I think in all time everyone screams yeah everyone else’s even we meet people they like. So what’s your favorite country speed 250 you’ve got to have like a favor yeah we do our favourite country all the time is Canada we absolutely love Canada just everything about it. But my favourite country this year that we visited was probably Greece oh I would love to go back, and see more of the island definitely Greece I think also we’ve been a bit biased.

Because we did get married there, and we had a family yeah, and like we’re currently in the same house with seven bedrooms, and like I wish my family was here yeah I think this is America’s quite fathom to fly I think yes was this a very close second as well if you guys were wondering. But I think we just saw such incredible countries it’s really hard the Canada we love you I think. Because it’s so similar to Australia. But it’s hard to explain we’ll do a post on why we love Canada one. So our next one is from Bruno do you miss Australia or when you’re traveling for such long periods of time in terms of that I think I miss what comes with Australian that’s the home comfort having a bedroom being able to just put all your stuff out having like a space that’s yours I do love Australia stress an absolutely incredible country we literally explore just as much as Australia’s or do outside yeah we trance explore as much as hard as we can. So we do love Australia. But if there’s in being specific it’s just the idea of home comfort don’t you think we only need to go home for like a week or two, and that regenerates us, and then we’re ready to go again yeah definitely the whole conference of Australia.

But I think as the years have gone on, and we’ve traveled more, and more do anything we’re less seeing Australia’s home yes like we’re still deciding. Because because we won’t have like a family we’re definitely deciding where we want to go down, and it might not be Australia yeah. But we’re still tossing up at 20,000 yeah, I’m Melissa asked what was your favorite moment from your wedding now I think ajuna go first oh you go first okay. So my favorite part of the wedding I think was the whole bit before the wedding in the morning when we went, and my dad made us breakfast with all writing our speeches getting ready it kind of feel like Christmas Eve. Because Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year better than Christmas. Because it’s that whole leading up anticipation. So I think that whole morning before the wedding who everything was it was so chill, and relaxed, and everyone’s together I think there’s only stress I just come up to it, and then you couldn’t do anything else like nice happens like whatever happens we just decided it was this the chillest day, I’m not. So good I also really enjoyed that day, and also the next day or the next day was the day after the wedding. Because the wedding was done all the stress was gotta be at the funnest day. Because we destroy ice went up with beck, and paul than me a dinner with it yeah, and I was sorry fun I loved it anyway our wedding was awesome. But also if you guys have any other questions leave them below, and we can also answer them, and if we don’t answer in this post yes next question yes next question we get this question a lot especially from people that aren’t exactly in english-speaking countries. Because they always ask us why flying the next what does flying the next mean what’s with the name flying – means leaving home. So it’s like you know a little bird flying the nest leaving home for the first time yes, and the first day we look the first post we ever did was the first day it’s really bad very rigid.

But it was our first day leaving home aka our first time flying the nest, and ever since then it’s like why documenting our time since fly in the nest yes, and if we didn’t want like agent like a standard travel name be cool like backpacking with Jess, and Steven. Because I feel like okay if you’re wanting to start like a r a blog you need to think of the future, and when you get a generic name. Because backpacking with Jess, and Steven kind of means you always gonna have to be backpacking it always has to be about travel we’re flying the nest it could branch into other things like when we do want to settle down it still makes sense it’s still documenting documenting your time since five minutes it’s like if you guys want to know like the future of this blog of course we’re gonna keep doing travel. But also it’s gonna be following our lives. So when we settle down when you have travel slows down we didn’t always want it to be about travel yes that’s Mexico planet yeah I hope you guys are here to watch us like traveling, and living, and all of that not just specifically for the traveling aspect. Because of course that’s not gonna be there all the time looking at Latin on the future just a little. But we do have a lot of trips planned over.

So the next one comes from Chanel speaking of settling down oh we think you know coming to baby. So guys that we’re not having a baby at the moment no place for babies yet we still have way too much stuff we want to take off her bucket list before we have little ones. But we do want to have kids 100% we want to have a family like I like Ashley, and Heidi are like best friends back home just had the cutest little baby called Hugo. So he made us. So unbelievably cool for like two weeks our super lucky Lily asks okay this is another one of those questions that we get asked a lot the number the number one question is from lily 102, and she asks how do you afford to travel the world do you have jobs on the side if yes what are they. So at the moment on this date in December 2018 flying the nest is a full-time job yes it has taken us three years to get to this point though yes. So we can kind of give you a quick summary yes sir then maybe week if you guys want a full post on this let us know below.

Because this is kind of just a Q&A post yeah. But, I’ll quickly give you a summary. So in 2018 that was year we started this blog, and before that for a whole year Stephen, and I worked time jobs, and saved literally every penny we could we save so much money, and we went, and traveled for a whole year, and that was our first year on this blog we pretty much paid for that entire year. But there were some things like we won the cover more competition which topped up our bank $10,000 travel card, and we use that pretty much for all our hotels, and our flights for half of our first year yes we also went with companies which they’d either give us a one night stay at a hotel or sometimes we work with the company that would give us like seven days it kind of stretched beam evitable of our bank account ranked as the year. But we weren’t making money. So as the you our banking habits moving lower alone were just trying to work with people. So it would stay flat, and then we’ll start going down again.

So initially money last trip of our first year was the r trip in Africa we spent the last of our credit card to go on that trip why we when we got home we were broke, and then with negative credit card, and zero dollars in our account yep. So that first year absolutely incredible year, and then our second year was when we started going to companies, and saying hey on top of you know covering our hotel you also need to pay for our flights. Because out of necessity we couldn’t keep traveling. Because we had no money. So we started pitching companies brand started working with us of course that our incredible major brand is go eco who sent us to all the volunteer organizations yeah we started working with geckos a little bit yes yes. So in our second year we were we were making a little bit of money like ad revenue, and stuff. But we’re still broke.

But we weren’t putting any money into trouble. So companies were paying for our food, and our flights. So that’s when we were flatlining. So we weren’t going down anymore which was great. But we weren’t getting up, and then in our third year when we had so much content we had a bit of a bigger audience a bit of a bigger reach we were able to pitch companies going hey do you analyze hotels, and you need to pay us. Because at this point the way that we discuss it is that we have an audience which is you guys which is amazing across social networks across of across our blog, and they’re getting seen for example a company went to a TV station, and said hey we’ll give you a free nights hotel, and you just play a commercial in front of American Idol the TV station will be like no no you need a paint we’re a business, and like we started looking at like that we have something to offer. So companies need to pay.

But this is taking three years yeah to that point. Because we had nothing to offer before yes as we grew, and also it was really great. Because now we have all this content that we can show them to give them examples of what they could expect from us yes. So three years of stayin of hotels going on tours, and that was kind of like creating a portfolio that we can now show companies, and I don’t need that we can also create content for them. So a tourism wallet board might be like hey can you make us a commercial we go out post the commercial when they pay for the commercial exactly. So don’t paint this dancers hoppin outside of as well yeah there’s like ad revenue which is is you guys know me number apocalypse minimal there’s like companies paying for to be seen on our blog, and then this one is yet companies wanting content from us we’re doing commercials for them or they’re buying drone footage from us or they’re buying photos from us. So that is now how we that’s how we’ve built our business, and that is how we are now being our to do is a remote job, and hopefully 2018 dis gets bigger better.

Because we want to make sure that our company gets strong enough that we can support a family, and now that’s how its goal. So yes the next goal is to get ourselves couldn’t support a little one yeah. So now that’s what 2018 is all about trying to build a business that we can then financially support a family. So by you guys sharing this post with your friends getting friends, and family to comment you’re helping us so much yeah be able to bring you awesome content, and also hopefully one day you know have enough money to support a family which is yeah this is my favorite question Tony John we love to like this how are you going to make us all here love you more in 2018 than we have here in 2018 that is very sweet Todd we had to read that one out that was the baby stop talking about baby you’re not having a baby now everyone’s gonna keep saying up pregnant. But it’s just me eating too many freaking gingerbread houses all the way baby that’s your fault lay bebe’s I always get fluffy USA, and the final question which we also get asked quite a bit is what is the number one thing you’re looking forward to most of 2018, and my favorite bit is the ending of this question be specific. So should we tell them okay okay. So it seems we’re most excited for in 2018 Oh.

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