Breathtaking Flamingo Red Lake in Bolivia

Okay they’ve set up a little breakfast for our spot this is what, I’m after stay tuned sorry Trent yeah, I’m good oh wow actually not a good time to stress out the post Hey guys it is the next day, and we are currently on an 8 hour road trip going down the south of Bolivia, and we’re stopping off at a bunch of like natural places, and our first stop today is to see an active volcano what, and we have got higher. So, I’m now out of breath as always I am you’re not the one talking that was legendary Jess in her element when she doesn’t think the cameras on there’s the active volcano if you just look here there’s some smoke coming out of it too much energy guys Bunnings sausage sizzle. But bolivian style we had to jump out of the car.

Breathtaking Flamingo Red Lake in Bolivia Photo Gallery

Because we have found the goldmine of llamas. So many of the thing this guy’s looking off terms very short quick stop here on the road trip has got to be one of the most beautiful spots in all of Bolivia just on the side of the road with this llama farmer I mean look at us we’ve got the stream going through you got maybe 30 40 llamas here near this mountain or volcano as a backdrop I mean this is so beautiful this is why I love road trips see things like this backseat itchin lunch that little natural table we’ve got right in front of the Southwest Lagoon excuse me guys big news today governed killed easy with a selfie, and then Steven killed Gavin with making him drink his drink, and guess who the two people left her in a human clue no it’s Stephen, and I one of us has to kill each other all righty guys we have stopped off at Colorado the entire thing is red, and there are tons, and tons of flamingos yeah I was probably wondering why the lake is red there’s like a certain type of plankton that is in the water okay, and that’s also why the Flamingo is a pink. Because they eat the algae, and that’s why they love it yet in breeding season they can get up to like 10,000 flamingos you’re just insane like I really don’t know how well this is picking up on the camera 300 meters above sea level, and we are actually staying in a little spot right in front of the Red Lake it’s right down there the Red Lake, and we’re staying in this building here wait it’s do Indians it’s kind of like a slumber party situation. Because we are all sharing a room it is very cute you come in here we all about to have some tea, and in here is the party room it’s very very messy. So watch out we’ve literally been here in here for five minutes. But guys there’s even like streamers on the roof slumber party time.

But we’re gonna go have some tea, and coffee, and some dinner, and say some spooky stories oh by the way guys guess what happened today. So we were in the van on the way here, and guess who murdered Steven I won the game which means that when we go to Chile tomorrow I get my dinner for free she won yeah I want Rhett to murder each other it’s really hard to be slight. But we played human clue diary, I’m not too sure if you guys understood. Because sucked it explained you know yeah, and also I didn’t want to post it. Because if I was posting it they would know that I was about to kill them. But I killed Stephen in the car murdered him before he murdered me and, I’m the winner no let’s go some tea some coffee some dinner, and then it’s kind of a slumber party yeah 20 guys it is hardly 5:30 a.m.

we have 1900 meters above sea level, and we’ve arrived medic gazer Gator guys our guys are, and it is you didn’t say look at this oh my gosh that’s crazy you’d hear it don’t cold oh my gosh adhi we’ve driven about half an hour longer, and we have found hot springs right next to a huge lake it looks. So beautiful it’s still very cold. So this is like a very good timing I literally can’t pull my nose right now it’s negative -, and I can’t remember the last time I was in this type of temperature it’s freezing it’s crazy here they are oh my gosh, I’m gonna dunk my toesies this is so cool oh my choice defrosting this is great just shows that like after a while your body gets used to the altitude. Because we’re currently the highest we’ve ever ever been is forty-nine hundred meters, and cue to the Inca Trail one word 4500 meters, and we would die in up there. So as we were hiking. But yeah we just arrived here, and then our guide was like you’re at 4900 meters like wow doesn’t even feel it like I feel fine like nothing is bothering.

But don’t get worried about altitude I think you just need to like acclimatize yourself to it, and get slowly used to it I think a lot of people they fly straight to Cusco in Peru, and that’s when you get hit with it or you like fly straight here, and then get hit with it. But I think for the rest of the trip we are currently just going down. So we’re going to Chile in about two hours I think yeah we’ve got about an hour, and a half left of Bolivia, and the last like 48 hours have been an absolute treat honestly it’s like if you guys are time poor, and you just want to see a good bit of Bolivia just come here for the three days, and do the four-wheel-drive. Because it has been absolutely incredible what we’ve seen from the salt flats to the geysers this morning to this hot springs I wish I’d brought a tell us have jumped in. But it is currently like two degrees in the morning I don’t know what I would have done without a towel. But this is a incredible thought this has been one of the one of the highlights the highlights of Bolivia one more lake two more links to more Lakes before we cross the border I think it’s the mountains that, I’m blown away with still know if that’s salt or snow at the top of those it’s pretty chilly it’s not yeah it’s a good loss field Bolivia let’s go to Chile wave goodbye cuz this is it this is the Bolivian Chilean border in the middle of nowhere we just need to go into this little Hut get a possible at stamped, and there’s a sign can you see it from here it says Republic got dte yeah when we get our stamp we will cross over there, and show you guys. But this is this is it this is time to go to Chile Bolivia guys is an Andes folks I’ve always wanted to do this walking in to the country.

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