Breathtaking view of Nepal

I have always wanted to go Nepal. Like everyone else, I’ve also heard a lot about the natural splendor and the lush greenery of the country. Surrounded by the great Himalayas, Nepal was the perfect place for trekking and mountaineering. I have always been a bit of adventurous and trekking through the unexplored dense forests in the Himalayas was just too tempting. So one fine day, me and some of my friends decided to go on a trip to Nepal. After exploring the capital city we were going on trekking and obviously with high spirit, we embarked on this mission.

On arrival to the the capital city of Kathmandu, we were welcome by the chaotic traffic and the busy dusty streets of the city. Our plan was to spend first two days in Kathmandu visiting the ancient temples and religious shrines getting to know about the rich culture and the traditions of the country. Then we would move on to Pokhara region and then go for trekking in the Annapurna range.

A city even though, over populated and over polluted, Kathmandu is filled with beauty and mysticism. A tour through the city makes you overcome with a vast range of smells, colors and experiences. Explore the ancient temples in the Dubar Square and learn about gods and goddesses worshiped there. We saw many Hindu temples and off course some Buddhist monasteries. A visit to the famous Pashupatinath temple is a must. A world heritage site, it is the oldest temple in Kathmandu situated on the banks of Bagmati river. Sitting on the step and watching the people who come here to pay their respect with flowers and bells is an experience in itself. Wandering through the narrow winding streets of the city would make you come across the daily life of these local people.

After our exploration of the capital city we drove to Pokhara which is also the gateway to Annapurna mountain ranges. By the lake Phewa, the town of Pokara truly charm its visitors. It is also popular for a myriad of adventure activities including river rafting, trekking, mountain biking and so on. After exploring the town of Pokhara, we were all set for the trekking which was the most awaited event of our tour. We were all very excited for going on this trek to tea house. The serene views and the snow-capped mountains were the sights which completely took my breath away. I was flabbergasted by the amazing views while on our way to the top most point. The lush vegetation and walking through the dense forest is just an out-of-the world experience.

After spending about one week in Nepal, we came back to the earth and felt ground beneath our feet. Making a tour through the wonderful country of Nepal and meeting some of the nicest people on this trip we were back to Delhi. But the memories which we made during the tour are the treasures I will always cherish all my life. It was completely worth the effort.

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