Bud Rip’s has no sign. But local bars don’t need signs. If you aren’t sure you are in the right place, look for the name laid out in tile on the front stoop. Bud Rip was a New Orleans political figure in the 1950s and 1960s; his photo hangs above the bar in tribute. For many years, the patrons of Bud Rip’s looked about the right age to have voted for the bar’s namesake, but as the neighborhood has changed, so has the crowd, and now you find guys in skinny pants and Warby Parker frames drinking alongside Ninth Ward regulars. The folks who own the R Bar, another favorite watering hole in the Marigny Triangle, recently took over the bar, and their presence is palpable in an improved beer list and bartenders who can make a decent Old Fashioned if you are in the mood for fancy. During football games, patrons turn the day into a potluck, and in addition to your very reasonably priced beer, you can make a plate of beans and rice, potato salad, and brownies. Come for the pressed-tin ceiling and stay for the weathered New Orleans political photos and posters. It seems like every time I go to Bud Rip’s, someone is having a birthday. It doesn’t matter if you know the birthday honoree or not; you’ll still get cake.

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