What is a business class and how to find cheap business class tickets?

When travelers are choosing travel class on an airplane they are actually opting for a package of services that the company offers according to their own rules. In other words, every airline has different rules about their packages and classes but all these classes have something in common. Each travel class is offering various catering and in-flight entertainment as well as few other services. When you read some advertisements about air tickets, the prices shown in these ads are usually representing the return tickets in economy class unless the advertiser strictly points out otherwise. The cheapest tickets are always related to economy class traveling. The passengers in economy class are not entitled to any advantages on the airport, before the flight, during transfer and after landing. During the flight they use standard services that are available for every passenger. The good news is that people can find cheap business class tickets too, although this process requires spending some time.

What is a business class?

If we are talking technically, business class is not the best and most expensive class. According to many airline companies this is a middle class between economy and first class. But many airline companies don’t have first class packages so business class is often the best package deal that these companies have to offer. In the business class the seats are bigger, wider and more comfortable and the spacing between adjacent seats is bigger just as the space used as legroom. In most cases they are ergonomically designed according with newest technologies implemented in them. In order to achieve these benefits, seating configuration is very different from those found in economy class. For example, Boeing 737 airplane uses three separate lines with three seats in each line for economy class. When it comes to business class this plane uses two lines with two seats.

Business class usually includes the first few rows of seats and passengers can often create separate cabins by using curtains or specially designed partitions. In some of the major airline companies and in bigger airplanes, business class passengers can overturn their seats in so-called lie-flat set. It is worth mentioning that in some smaller airplanes business class can be located in the back of the airplane.

Furthermore, passengers in business class usually get meals with higher quality. They also have a wider choice of entertainment options during the flight like special video and audio equipment usually located on the back of the seat that is front of them. Business class travelers have numerous other benefits including more flexible tariff policies and benefits during the journey.

All these benefits are probably most visible during longer flights when the comfort during a long trip is very important. Airline companies are free to set their own rules when it comes to the services they offer for business class travelers. Many airline companies give packages with various useful items that can be especially useful during the flight such as sleeping mask, warm socks that can replace slippers and rest their feet, mini air fresheners, toothbrush and toothpaste, wipes etc.

Business class passenger have a number of benefits during their stay at the airport and while they are waiting to complete some procedures. There are specially designed waiting rooms for them and special counters for check-ins.

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