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A good horse is worth 800-1,000 yuan China map kiruna . Groups of men sat and argued over prices, and when a deal was concluded they China map kiruna shook hands solemnly, binding the bargain. The cattle were being pinched and prodded by people wanting to find out how much flesh they had. With sheep, one feels for the fatness of the tail flaps. Tails are not cropped and much of the animal’s fatty goodness is stored in the tail and haunch flaps. Innumerable donkeys and goats completed the scene and the only irritation was the crowd of staring people that surrounded me whenever I sat down.

Come on Judd, I thought, help me out here. Where are you? It was then, either by coincidence or spectral direction, that I found myself standing directly in front of the small headstone marked J.D. Crouch. The timing was short of remarkable.

In such a large cemetery, what drew Kat to Judd’s tombstone?

Courtesy of Jeff Westover

After signaling to the others, I returned to the headstone and stared down at the dates 1859 to 1946. Whatever Judd did or didn’t do, he certainly lived a long life. Next to his grave was another. The name on it was Viola Crouch, his wife. They married in 1888, had one child, Ruth, and remained together until her death in 1942.

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