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When he saw it the famous traveller Xu Xiake is said to have cried “When one has seen the Five Holy Mountains all the others count for nothing; when one has seen Mount Huangshan the Five Holy Mountains suddenly count for nothing”.

A visit to this picturesque region, where the climate is always cool because of the elevated location, usualy begins in Tangkou on the southern edge of the mountain. There are paths linking all the main buildings and places of interests (peaks, waterfalls, trees, temples, pavilions, etc.).

In the Wenquan Binguan guesthouse visitors can bathe in the hot springs which maintain a temperature of 42°C/108°F all the year round. They are considered particularly good for the treatment of rheumatism and skin problems.

Peach Blossom Peak (Taohua Feng) towers over the route north from Tangkou.

When climbing the 1810m/5940ft high Peak of the Heavenly Capital (Tiandu Feng) the visitor will pass Fishback Rock (Jiyu Bei).

South ofthe Tower ofthe Jade Curtain (Yuping Lou) stands the mighty Pine of Welcome (Yingke Song), said to be a thousand years old and which appears in a painting hanging in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

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