City Stories – 4 Great Cultured Cities

Every time you travel to a new city, you want to experience the culture specific to that locale.

Each city you visit has its own culture. Some are packed full of museums, others are renowned for their architecture, and others feature prominent art scenes or great theater productions.

Visit these four cities and look out for the aspects that give them such rich and unique detail.


You may not know this, but Houston is a city full of museum culture. When you visit, you can make an entire day out of visiting museums, from the Houston Museum of Natural Science to the Space Center to the Museum of Fine Arts. Live music and theater are also big deals in Houston.

Alley Theatre always has something good on, and McGoniel’s Mucky Duck is delightful for its surprising menu and musical acts. When it comes to staying the night, your Houston hotel might be downtown, in midtown, or by the university. All are great, convenient locations.


As Quebec’s largest city, Montreal has a lot of attractions and activities to draw in visitors. Montreal is full of gorgeous architecture, which you can get a good look at if you visit the Notre Dame Basilica. Head to Old Montreal to walk cobblestone streets and see beautiful old buildings like Montreal’s town hall.

The restaurants and hotels in Old Montreal are truly things to behold. Discover luxury hotels in grand old buildings and find all kinds of delicious food while you’re walking the streets. By the way, make sure to visit Rue St. Paul and Rue St. Denis, too.


With a thriving art scene and a lot of cool neighborhoods, Columbus, Ohio, is a destination you don’t want to overlook. Whether you’re walking through the quaint brick streets of German Village or heading downtown to the theater to see a traveling Broadway show, you’ll adore your time in Columbus. Hotels are plentiful in Columbus, and they run the gamut from affordable to luxurious.

Stop at Katzinger’s Delicatessen for some of the best soup and sandwiches you’ve ever had, or dine in style at the Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse.

San Antonio

Be prepared to spend lots of time outdoors in San Antonio, because some of the best activities and attractions take place in the open air. San Antonio is home to a beautiful Riverwalk, where you’ll find lots of shops and restaurants.

Some of San Antonio’s best hotels offering gorgeous views and an easy walking distance to many of the things you’ll want to do while visiting. The Friedrich Wilderness Park and Brackenridge Park are both gorgeous locations where you can take some time away from civilization. You should take time to visit the Alamo, too.

Each time you visit someplace new, try to discover one thing distinctly unique about that place.

It might be something as small as a statue or something as vast as an avenue, something as fleeting as a sunny day in a park or something as enduring as old architecture.

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