COMPUTERS Shopping guide for US Map & Phone & AddressA

COMPUTERS Shopping guide for US Map & Phone & AddressA

Like any big-ticket item, computers are a tricky purchase. There are ways to save money, but you should be careful in dealing with salespeople; make sure you’re getting the features you want, and check out the warranty. Most computers, even used ones, work fine; but you do want to be covered. Another note: The computer market is extremely volatile one of the few in which prices may drop, seemingly overnight. Use the figures quoted here as a general comparison.

Computer Escape

83 North Main St, Randolph;

(617) 961-5053 Computer Escape deals in new, used, and refurbished PCs and clones, providing repair and service as well. Custom-configured systems are a big part of the business; you can save money by paying for only the features you need.

What Mine really wants to tell you about, however, is this store’s bargain basement. It is filled with all kinds of old parts: cables, motherboards, cards, etc. a techie’s dream. Computer Escape specializes in hard-to-find components, software, and manuals. Have an old system you don’t want to part with? CE can probably fix it or upgrade it. They usually have a decent selection of refurbished notebooks, too. Hours Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 P.M. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Right across the street is Computer Xchange at 88 North Main St. Randolph; telephone (617) 963-9313. It’s filled to the brim with electronic junque. The proprietor feels this spelling gives his goodies a classy touch; Mine spells it bargain. Merchandise ranges from Tandys, Ataris, and Commodores to IBMs, Macs, and more all the old stuff that no one else will carry. You can find a complete IBM system for as little as

$225. A Mac Plus one of the first Apples ever produced goes for $175. They carry some new stuff, too and if you don’t see what you want or need, ask. It’s probably out back in the storage room. Hours are extremely irregular; call ahead.

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