Discover Israel – Enjoy its varied tourist attractions

Traveling to varied tourist attractions can be a passion for many people. In today’s world, the travel agencies provide a range of travel offers which makes it easier for many people to travel all around the world. Of late, Israel has become a popular tourist attraction. A large number of people visit this place every year due to its religious importance as well as due to the other tourist attractions present in the country.

Some of the major tourist attractions that you should visit in Israel include the following:

JerusalemIt is a sacred city for millennia to three major religions of the world: Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Akko (Acre)It is an important tourist attraction due to the situation of a historic port.

Beth Shean ValleyThis is the core of the north Jordan River valley.

Tel AvivThis is the most vibrant city in the country and also includes the White City, a site of Bauhaus architecture. It is also the home to most foreign embassies.

TiberiasIt is a modern resort town and is also known to have an ancient background on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Caesarea National ParkAn ancient Roman city is located here with much of it remains.

Carmel RidgeThis is a small yet diverse region of hills which is located south-east of Haifa.

Dead SeaAnother major tourist attraction because it is a sea of hypersalinated water that keeps people afloat and it is also the lowest point on Earth.

Ein Avdat It is a beautiful steep canyon. This place is also famous as a popular hiking spot.

Jezreel ValleyIt is an extensive inland valley. Largely rural, this valley extends inland from east of Haifa to the Jordan Valley.

Haifa This is the centre of the Bah’­ Faith. It is also the home to the Shrine of the Bb and Terraces and is also the German Quarter.

NazarethThis is the hometown of Jesus and is also considered to be the largest Arab city in Israel.

Apart from these, there are other travel destinations in Israel which includes the likes of Beer Sheva, EilatSafed (Tzfat), Judean Desert, Masada, Ramon Crater, Sea of Galilee, Beit Guvrin-Maresha, etc.

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