Hey everyone on a day two of the camping trip three of the camping trip yeah okay it is a rainy day today you can see a little window you see all the raindrops, and the evil moseys that trying this one they try, and come into our tent.

But they come yes they’re like that yeah they look like a good meal they can’t get us I think it’s about 7:00 a.m. okay we still go to kayak even if it’s raining yeah. So see what we end up doing. But yeah yes yes it definitely be a big stormy day today water just saying. But um the waters calm. So if we were out kayaking today, and it’s this car it could look kind of cool with all the mist different hopefully the rain stays away reading reading this thing we don’t our think it might be a feel.


But he just been spinning around, and around like it’s spinning or just like come on pop up I think it’s the feel could be a shock I post in the pancake looks good that’s some real maple syrup some Canadian maple syrup, I’m excited should be good. So we kayak brain kale shop we have a little garbage bag someone well our rain jackets from the dollar store that’s just in the front that’s the island we’re staying on, and that’s some neighboring island. So, I’m sure we’ve showed you, and that’s people getting on yeah we’ll see where we go today so much hi so much hi yeah so much hot guys it’s a starfish take my head don’t let go skyward we have a seal follower somewhere. So we found like another kind of island to stop off for lunch beautiful how you feeling it’s so hot it’s like being in a pool you know when you’re in the pools like colder to get just have lunch, and we decided to go explore, and we wouldn’t buy like around the corner and. Because it’s the tide has gone up or down Alps almost looks like we’re walking in just a graveyard, and you can just see like all this is just you can see the water level how we could just probably paddle through this oh it’s a deer that’s I call it the day are not a cougar oh wow guys look at all these muscles, I’ll come in a bit closer yeah sure your dad would get excited yeah. So the wind pretty much started picking up. So if we didn’t leave now I wouldn’t get pretty tough to get home.

So we’re just taking the same route back to check with you yesterday we fly for eight kilometres we’ve got to add that into the pod. But yeah today we’ll find out the exact amount. But it’s not raining too badly it’s just a bit of a drizzle. But like I said before like the water is warm it’s not even an issue not even how you going dad yes good enjoying the views yeah we’ve seen. So many animals guys we’re going a bit insane, and we’ve been seeing big songs to give our sanity I think we are just exhausted anyway back to singing almost there guys Island yes Island as a cold little puppy things cause she’s been wet dinner should be ready soon it’s like not that cold outside. But when you’ve been wet we still haven’t found out how much we kayaked we’ll ask it dinner. But it was longer than yesterday’s in yesterday’s eight kilometers I want to be surprised it was about 14 to 16 kilometers we did today you reckon yeah are you guys enjoying the flats I mean, I’m of course haven’t been editing them let alone haven’t been looking at the footage.

So don’t really know how it’s all shaping up to be. So two more days yeah, and we’ve been enjoying it I mean look we’re just as Stan uses you can’t charge us for going to bed at this time okay. Because it does look bright. But this is 10 o’clock at night how crazy is it Stephen 10 o’clock, and this bright. So yeah everyone’s like we usually go to bed at around 10 o’clock. Because that’s what all the MOSI start coming out. So it’s time to go to bed.

But tomorrow we’re gonna be changing to a new campsite. So this will be the last time falling asleep with this view, and we’re heading to a new campsite that allows fires. So we can have an open fire, and hopefully cook out shmores smells is that are we falling now smalls. So gonna cook them up here, and then of course go more kayaking and. So yeah in the morning we go tomorrow. But. Because the following days when this finishes how do you know it doesn’t have a good view.

Because you’re saying like it doesn’t have a bet as best view as the essence, and we did pick a pretty good spot to go, and put our tents one more look at the view I cannot believe it’s 10 o’clock at night, and this bright that’s crazy, and it’s also stopped raining smells cold anymore. So, I’m feeling much better about that yeah I think we’re gonna go to bed now. So, I’m gonna say goodnight, and Stephen can say goodnight we can’t no electricity what do people need to do huh, and I said what do people need to do I love how you’re putting a retainer in all right good night guys.

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