Follow The Gamma Rays To Beavertown From Barbecue Brewpub To One Of Britain’s Best Brewers

Beavertown Brewery is the star brewing attraction in London and started in the basement of a barbecue restaurant in Haggerston before growing into one of the world’s most exciting brewers, with a rock-star appeal and an arms-open outlook that have made them many friends in the beer world. Their beers keep on getting better as well.

The Lowdown

WHAT: Beavertown Brewery


Follow The Gamma Rays To Beavertown From Barbecue Brewpub To One Of Britain’s Best Brewers Photo Gallery

WHERE: Lockwood Industrial Park, Mill Mead Road, London N17 9QP

Beavertown’s Neck Oil, Gamma Ray, and Lupuloid sit as London’s front-line hoppy brews. Neck Oil is a bright and light Session IPA that’s always excellent and lushly citrusy, while Lupuloid is like a bulked-up Neck Oil—bitter, dry, and brilliantly light for its punchy 6.7% ABV. Gamma Ray is a Pale Ale with a rich body of toasty malts beneath all those hops.

Beavertown brew a wide range of beers, plus there are regular collaboration brews, a barrel and sour program, and many one-off specials, making them a brewery to always look out for. They also open their Tottenham brewery every Saturday (another brewery, Pressure Drop, are located on the same estate) and regularly host different events both in and out of the brewery.

The Beavertown Extravaganza

Alongside IndyMan (see post 95), the other unmissable UK craft beer festival is The Beavertown Extravaganza. Held for the first time in 2017, it set a new bar for what could be achieved for a beer event in Britain. Over 60 brewers flew into London from all around the world, each bringing with them a few special beers, where your ticket granted you entry and access to as many 3.5-oz (100-ml) pours as you want. The venue was large and not crammed, despite there being 4,000 people inside, and there was excellent street food and a great atmosphere throughout. It’s the best beer line-up there has ever been in Britain. It might be the best list there’s ever been in Europe.

Beavertown is not just about pale ales—experimental beers using barrel-aging and wild yeasts are brewed as part of their Tempus Project series.

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