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3 nights London holiday package from $555.

Do London once, twice or one hundred times  there’s always something new to discover. World class museums, striking architecture, ritzy theatres, royal palaces and many iconic bucket list attractions make this a mandatory stop for every traveller to the UK.


London 4 nights & Stonehenge Tour from $795.

December 24. I set out with the Gentlewomans son who London Metro Map she very civilly offered to go with me when she see no parswasions would cause me to stay London Metro Map which she pressingly desired, and crossing a ferry having but nine miles to New London, in a short time arrived there and was Kindly received and well accommodated amongst my Friends and Relations. The Government of Connecticut Collony begins westward towards York at Stanford as I am told and so runs Eastward towards Boston I mean in my range, because I dont intend to extend my description beyond my own travails and ends that way at Stonington And has a great many Large towns lying more northerly. It is a plentiful Country for provisions of all sorts and its Generally Healthy. No one that can and will be dilligent in this place need fear poverty nor the want of food and Rayment. January 6th.

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