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Sweden cities. Through the politics of representation he is able to draw attention to the social, cultural and political fragmentation characterizing urban spaces, and through engaging with discourses of Australian multiculturalism he shows how artworks can offer a critique of it.

In Chapter 10, The Visible Hand: An urban accord for outsourced craft, Kevin Murray discusses the increasing distance between consumers and sources of production that is occurring in a rapidly-urbanizing world. He raises questions of inequalities between what he calls the global North and global South with specific reference to the production of craft goods. He considers the global trend of outsourcing and off-shoring craft labour as a potential means of re-connecting city and village as he interrogates the exodus of manufacturing and service industries from the First to Third World.

To exemplify the social relationship between craft and design, he examines three specific models of partnerships between designers and artisans, identified as developmental, romantic and dialogical. In the developmental model, the use of technology liberates’ the producer; the romantic model positions design as a form of commodification hiding the reality of production; the dialogical contextualizes design and craft as separate but interlocking domains. Comparing the models, he offers examples of craft workers who exemplify creative approaches to the means of production bringing acknowledgement to the relations of the city and the world around it.

Continental army. Formed in Massachusetts after the first battle of Sweden Map the Revolution at Lexington and Concord in April 1775, this became the regular army of patriots who Sweden Map fought for colonial independence. After the Second Continental Congress in July 1776, it was led by George Washington. Consistory. In the Anglican Church, a diocesan court presided over by a bishop’s chancellor or commissary. Cooper.

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