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Whether you’re in the market for a Miro, a lithograph by a young unknown or simply want to look at pictures. New York’s almost 500 galleries await you. Most can be found around Madison Avenue above 60th Street, along 57th Street, in Greenwich Village and in SoHo.

Though the uptown galleries may look very exclusive, they’re really open to the public and welcome visitors. Watch for any retrospective or one man shows. SoHo and Village galleries tend to be more down to earth, as are their prices. Some galleries specialize in posters and inexpensive graphics now has an uptown store (48th and Fifth Avenue). Customers walk around there with supermarket carts. Other fine bookstores include Brentano’s (Fifth Avenue and 47th Street), Doubleday’s (largest branch at Fifth Avenue and 56th Street) and Rizzoli International Bookstore (Fifth Avenue and 55th Street).

Sports equipment. Again, a wide choice, expert counsel and discount possibilities in tennis rackets, golf clubs and skis.

Toys. Some brands have a justly deserved reputation for durability. Educational toys abound but you can still find things that are just plain fun. The ultimate toystore is F.A.O. Schwarz (Fifth Avenue and 5 8th Street), where you can buy a doll’s house for $10,000.

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