Go To Emerson’s Brewery For The Original New Zealand Pilsner

Emerson’s Pilsner started as an experiment to try and brew an organic beer, with brewer Richard Emerson deciding to make a lager with all-New Zealand ingredients, producing what he dubbed “the Sauvignon Blanc of beer.” That initial brew evolved into what is now one of New Zealand’s best and most important beers, because it created the style category.

Go To Emerson’s Brewery For The Original New Zealand Pilsner Photo Gallery

I love Emerson’s Pilsner. There’s something intoxicating about its hop aroma and flavor; there’s a full lushness, a richness of hop flavor, a slick juiciness, a fresh fruitiness that’s tropical and grape-like; there’s a peachy creaminess and white-pepper bitterness—and all with the kind of body that means you can drink a pitcher of it and still be thirsty for more. It’s the original and it’s seen many imitators, or many others creating their own interpretations of it, but it still stands out as one of the best—probably the best.

You can visit Emerson’s Brewery in Dunedin. They have a large, smart tasting room where you can drink all their beers. They also have some of the country’s smartest brewers on staff and are certainly leaders in the industry. Their 1812 should be held up as a modern classic brew, a hoppy amber beer that’s orangey, marmalade-y, tangy, and juicy, all with a kind of jammy body that’s not sweet, but has a caramelized quality which helps juice up the hoppiness. my blogbinder is a great mix of low-alcohol English ale with the fruitiness of New Zealand hops. And the specials are worth trying too. But always start with their Pilsner.

New Zealand beer geeks were anxious when Lion Breweries, owned by Kirin, took over Emerson’s, but the buy-out has seen the beers get even better.

The Lowdown

WHAT: Emerson’s Brewery

HOW: Open daily from 10am (www.emersons.co.nz). WHERE: 70 Anzac Avenue, Dunedin 9016, New Zealand

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