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Fog rolling in at the Headlands Between the Headlands on Marin Peninsula and the Tiburon Peninsula is large Richardson Bay, into which small Strawberry Peninsula protrudes. Bayfront Park and Bothin Marsh, a city park and county open space, offer trails along the west bay shore. On the other side of the Strawberry Peninsula the crest of which is a greenbelt thanks to the large Golden Gate Theological Seminary is Blackies Pasture, with Richardson Bay paths that extend into Tiburon.

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Although residences encircle much of the Tiburon Peninsula, and cover its swank Belvedere and Corinthian islands, most of the high ground is parkland, including Tiburon Ridge, Ring Mountain, and Old St. Hilarys open space preserves, as well as the Tiburon Uplands Nature Preserve. The ridge top of the Tiburon Peninsula is like the Headlands in that it is open with dwarf vegetation and boasts a big view of the Bay Area.

But Tiburon’s geology and flora are quite different, and many of its wildflowers are unique. From Ring Mountain and Old St. Hilarys high points, you can visually fit all the pieces of southern Marin and San Francisco into a geographic whole.

Outdoor excursions in the Marin Peninsula, whether up high or at water’s edge, are vibrant with the entire cityscape of the San Francisco Bay. But tempering the charms of the city are the pleasures of being someplace that is essentially natural. You can choose from a breadth of experiences: short walks to ceremoniously enjoy a sun setting over the Golden Gate, long hikes to find solitude in wild lands, or strolls to find a double latte while shuffling through interesting harbor towns.

All hike and walk distances are ROUND TRIP except as noted for shuttles.

Please contact Agency to obtain current rules and regulations. See Resource Links for all telephone numbers. See also special Doggie Trails and Trailblazer Kids sections.

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