Hagerstown Maryland Map

Continuity of Government Facility, Hagerstown

Southeast of Hagerstown is another FEMA Continuity of Government (COG) facility. This facility is also believed to be intended for housing civilian second-tier government officials (such as cabinet department undersecretaries) instead of senior-level officials.

Like the Boonsboro facility, this is part of the fallout shelters built around Washington in the 1950s and 1960s to house essential government personnel and support staff in case of a nuclear war.

What’s There: This facility is believed to be very similar to the Boonsboro facility described previously.

Getting a Look Inside: There is no public admittance to this facility and trespassing is prohibited.

Getting There: This facility is located in a wooded area between Highways 66 and 17; the access road is not marked from either highway but is locked and marked with “no trespassing” signs.

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There’s a mortsafe lid still lying on the south side, in a walled enclosure. The Creation Window is dedicated to Sir Wyville Thomson, the leader of the C19 Challenger Expedition which explored the world’s oceans, and the huge window depicts a vast range of animals, birds and fish. Most heartrending is the story behind the Child Samuel window, which commemorates the little daughter of a previous minister who died when her hair caught fire as she dried it before a blazing fire in the Manse. A sister had previously died when she went through the ice while skating on the loch with her fiance. (The window hides behind the organ.) Linlithgow Palace’s most famous tale is its capture for Robert the Bruce by a local farmer, William Binnie, who regularly used to deliver hay to the garrison. One day he hid men under the hay and stopped the cart in the entrance so the portcullis and gates couldn’t operate. More men rushed in, and the palace was won. The impressive feature of Linlithgow Palace (in the care of Historic Scotland) is its courtyard fountain which has been fully restored: tiers of symbols and figures exquisitely carved – as are the recent replacements. The setting, too, is grand.

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