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Breakdown of discipline gave them the go-ahead to disobey Handan Subway Map , insult, intimidate, shove around and physically assault the teachers. No wonder the schools Handan Subway Map had to close. For five years I slaved on these rice paddies. How I hate this place.’ He had been reinstated as a teacher, but he had no thought of moving back to the coast, unable to leave the area. To apply for permission to leave would show him as not appreciating the Party line.

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The identification with place through states of presence and imagination is created through complex multi-sensory experiences. Sound is not an isolated phenomenon, it is given meaning through relationship with sight and smell; sonic experience is as much a part of and continuum with visuality rather than being a separate thing:

[A] visualist reading of automobile habitation assumes that drivers are continually looking out onto the world, in acts of objectification’ rather than being preoccupied with living within the intimate space inside the automobile itself, or desiring the environment to mimic their desires. Paradoxically, visually based accounts of automobility may well mistake the mediated nature of the visual in automobility through their misunderstanding of the role of sound in transforming the visual apprehension of place. Vision is invariably audio-vision.

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